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Life Cycle Logistics

New Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Guidance Now Available

New Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Guidance Now Available

Bill Kobren

As I shared with you in last Friday’s blog post, updated Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) guidance has been incorporated into the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) paragraph Encourage you to peruse the new guidance to familiarize yourself with the format, structure, expectations, and content of these important documents.


In addition, more detailed Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Materiel Readiness) guidance on Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) content and format  is also available on the Logistics Community of Practice. The LCSP is the Program Manager’s plan for how the Product Support Manager (PSM) will implement the sustainment strategy.  The LCSP is an evolutionary management document describing the program’s approach to achieving a flexible, performance-oriented product support capability.  The LCSP must be integrated and consistent with other program documentation. This information will assist in helping standardize the content and format of the LCSP across DoD and ensuring integration and consistency with other program documentation. Future updates of this document will include examples of completed LCSPs to assist Product Support Managers (PSM) develop these important sustainment planning documents.