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Life Cycle Logistics

New LOG 2350 Performance Based Logistics Training Course

New LOG 2350 Performance Based Logistics Training Course

New LOG 2350 Performance Based Logistics Training Course
Bill Kobren

For those of you pursuing Life Cycle Logistics Foundational Tier DAWIA Certification, just a quick note to let you know that we have deployed a newly renumbered LOG 2350 Performance Based Logistics (PBL) online training course. This new course replaces the venerable -- and now-retired LOG 235 course -- as a primary Life Cycle Logistics DAWIA certification training requirement.

LOG 2350 is a fast-paced, cross-disciplinary course that is enabled through a dynamic e-learning environment and is focused on developing an understanding of outcome-based product support strategies. It teaches professionals about the interrelationship of Performance Based Logistics (PBL) policy and practice and demonstrates the linkage between PBL and the acquisition process, the Product Support Business Model, and the 12-step Product Support Strategy Process Model. Professionals will gain knowledge of how the early integration of supportability factors into the systems-development process can help lead to successful outcome-based support strategies and optimized system readiness throughout a weapons systems’ life cycle. The course also provides an overview of requirements to design, develop, implement, and oversee a PBL program to include an understanding of Title 10 requirements, product support arrangement types, metrics, and incentives. The target audience includes members of the defense acquisition workforce, including but not limited to life cycle logisticians, product support managers, program managers, contracting officers, and systems engineers responsible for implementing and executing performance-based life cycle product support strategies in effectively and efficiently sustaining DoD weapon systems. It is also targeted for defense industry counterparts with similar responsibilities.

The new four-digit course number is not the end of the story, however. We’re heading back into a LOG 2350 course content update to ensure full alignment with new DoD Instruction 5000.91 Product Support Management for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework policy and most current DoD guidance. This online training course will also be part of a new CLCL 008 Product Support Arrangements credential currently in development.

Reminder too, that LOG 2350 is augmented and reinforced by a wide range of PBL related policy, guidance, DAU learning assets, resources and references. Encourage you to check out my February 2022 DAU LOG Blog post entitled “Hot Topics (Part 10): Performance Based Logistics” for additional information. These include but are by no means limited to the DoD Performance-Based Logistics Guidebook, our DAU Performance Based Logistics Job Support Tool, and no less than nine PBL ACQuipedia articles.