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New Mobile Version of DAU Supply Chain Management Training

New Mobile Version of DAU Supply Chain Management Training

Bill Kobren

The DAU Life Cycle Logistics team is pleased to announce the deployment of an updated CLL 037 Supply Chain Management continuous learning module. Developed and updated in coordination with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration (SCI), this module provides workforce members an overview of Supply Chain Management within the Department of Defense, as well as assisting them in identifying and recognizing key characteristics of DoD Supply Chain Management (SCM) fundamentals and effective/efficient supply chains.


This latest updated version of CLL 037 is available on your computer via ATLAS, as well as a mobile version accessible on your mobile device. To access the latter version simply go to http://www.dau.mil/mobile, choose "Training and Education," then scroll down to "CLL 037, DoD Supply Chain Fundamentals."


In addition to CLL 037, DAU offers extensive supply chain management resources. Related learning assets available include:


·         Life Cycle Logistics Training Courses


o    LOG 101 Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals

o    LOG 102 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management

o    LOG 206 Intermediate Systems Sustainment Management

o    LOG 235 Performance Based Logistics

o    LOG 340 Life Cycle Product Support


·         Continuous Learning Modules


o    CLL 002 DLA Support To the PM

o    CLL 013 DoD Packaging

o    CLL 017 Introduction to Defense Distribution

o    CLL 018 Joint Deployment Distribution Operations Center

o    CLL 032 Preventing Counterfeit Parts from Entering the DoD Supply System

o    CLL 038 Provisioning & Cataloging

o    CLL 045 Designing for Transportability

o    CLL 062 Counterfeit Prevention Awareness

o    CLL 201-201 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages (DMSMS) (five modules)

o    CLM 200 Item Unique Identification (IUID)

o    CLM 201 Serialized Item Management (SIM)


·         ACQuipedia Articles


o    Supply Chain Management (SCM) 

o    Supply Classes (Classes of Supply)

o    Cataloging 

o    Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) and Secondary Inventory Control Activity (SICA) 

o    Counterfeit Parts 

o    RFID - Radio Frequency Identification 

o    RFID - Tagging Principles 

o    Item Unique Identification (IUID) 

o    Lead-Free Electronics

o    Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) 

o    Supply Support Integrated Product Support Element


·         WSL 002 “Provisioning Management” Mission Assistance Workshops"

·         LOG CoP Supply Support IPS Element Site

·         LOG CoP Supply Chain Management Site

·         Product Support Implementation Roadmap

·         Product Support Analytical Tools Database