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Life Cycle Logistics

New Nov-Dec 2020 Issue of Defense Acquisition Magazine

New Nov-Dec 2020 Issue of Defense Acquisition Magazine

New Nov-Dec 2020 Issue of Defense Acquisition Magazine
Bill Kobren
The newly-published November-December 2020 edition of the Defense Acquisition Magazine is now available online – for your reading pleasure, your professional development or of course, for both. The latest edition is chock full of interesting, engaging and timely articles, including:
  • Looking Forward Into 2021: Challenges and Successes Across DoD and the Defense Industries - DAU President Jim Woolsey’s interview with Ellen M. Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment. Accomplishments won and challenges to face in a time of rising challenges from COVID and tensions abroad.
  • The Next Little-Known Flexible Acquisition Authority - The use of Procurements for Experimental Purposes can provide another way to expedite acquisitions for certain programs under certain conditions.
  • An Air Force Acquisition Leader Looks Back . . . and Ahead - DAU President Jim Woolsey’s Interview with Lt Gen Robert D. McMurry Jr., USAF. Lessons learned from the long career of the Commander of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.
  • Becoming a Virtual Learner in the Defense Acquisition Community - DAU training and support to the workforce have transitioned from classroom training to the virtual environment. Here’s a look at where we are in this ongoing change.
  • A New Energy for Old Problems: Our Experience Using the Lean Startup Technique to Solve a Policy Problem - A university study group examines “green steps” to achieve energy savings in managing federal buildings.
  • Acquisition Sustainability Within a Globalized Industrial Base - Just how did the Defense Industrial Base morph into a globalized industrial base, and what are the implications?
  • Leadership Perspectives—Pupil, Peer, Professional - A look at multiple ways to build a talented, ethical, and committed workforce.
  • Market Research—Promise or Problem? When Bidder Protests Impact Your Office - Overreliance on market research can trigger reversals if there is a failure to allow and weigh competitive bidding.
  • MDAP/MAIS Program Manager Changes