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New Report on Defense Industrial Base Investments

New Report on Defense Industrial Base Investments

New Report on Defense Industrial Base Investments
Bill Kobren
The RAND National Security Research Division recently issued a new research report of potential interest entitled “Keeping the Defense Industrial Base Afloat During COVID-19: A Review of Department of Defense and Federal Government Policies and Investments in the Defense Industrial Base”. Key findings, according to the report, included:
  • “The U.S. government and DoD made significant investments in the DIB throughout the early months of the COVID-19 crisis
    • Their investments aimed to help struggling companies maintain financial solvency and keep national security supply chains operational.
  • Small businesses in the DIB benefited from federal and DoD policies implemented during the pandemic
    • Small business DoD contractors in the manufacturing sector had high uptake of benefits from the PPP.
    • Most of the DoD contractors taking advantage of the PPP had fewer than 100 employees.”

For those who may not be familiar with the issuers of this report, the RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. Inclusion of a link to this report here is for defense acquisition workforce informational and professional development purposes, and does not imply DAU or DoD endorsement of any particular organization, document, findings or recommendations.