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Life Cycle Logistics

New Space Mobility & Logistics (SM&L) Report

New Space Mobility & Logistics (SM&L) Report

Bill Kobren

The Aerospace Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS) has issued a new January 2023 report of interest to the life cycle logistics and product support management community entitled “Enabling a New Space Paradigm: Harnessing Space Mobility and Logistics, Center for Space Policy and Strategy”.

According to the report, “Space Mobility and Logistics (SM&L) has recently been declared a core competency by the U.S. Space Force (USSF). The concept itself is far from new; many of the operations the concept embodies have been demonstrated over several decades: the ability to conduct rendezvous and proximity operations, dock with a spacecraft, refuel a spacecraft on-orbit, repair, and even assemble objects.1 Space Force leaders seek to expand upon these demonstrations and leverage the capabilities initiated by commercial companies in these areas to solve military problems. If the USSF fully exploits these demonstrations and converts them into military utility, it will mark another step on its maturity as a military service. But USSF cannot use a single approach to capitalize on these commercial capabilities. Each of the capabilities is at a different stage of development, with some proven but others still early in the conceptual and developmental phase. Each of the capabilities has a different promise when fully developed: some will be commercially viable while others will be unique to military operations. To adapt to these different circumstances, this paper lays out four approaches by which USSF can mature SM&L capabilities.”

Inclusion of this report here is for defense acquisition workforce professional development informational purposes only and does not imply either DoD or DAU endorsement of any particular authors, organizations, or recommendations. For additional information on the report's authors, visit the Aerospace CSPS website. For additional information on space sustainment, product support, servicing, and logistics related topics, see several recent DAU LOG Blog posts including: “Newly Issued Space Forces Sustainment Doctrine”, “New Space Acquisition Tenets, Priorities”, and “Two Recent Space Acquisition & Sustainment Blogs”.