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Life Cycle Logistics

New Summer 2021 Product Support Pulse Newsletter

New Summer 2021 Product Support Pulse Newsletter

Bill Kobren

The current Summer 2021 edition of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support (DASD (PS)) Product Support Pulse Newsletter is now available for your reading pleasure. Our life cycle logistics workforce professional development column this issue is entitled “Life Cycle Logistics Credentials“, focusing on the range of current and planned credentialing opportunities available to the defense acquisition workforce. The most current information on the ever-growing portfolio of multi-disciplinary credentials is available from our DAU Credentials homepage.

In addition to a range of current and relevant product support topics, as an added bonus, the newsletter also contains a link to an article focused on “Model-Based Engineering for Product Support”, a topic that dovetails nicely with yesterday’s launch of our new digital product support-focused ACQuipedia article. Finally, all previous issues of the OSD Product Support Pulse Newsletter are available at the bottom of the page on the 4th Estate Director, Acquisition Career Manager (DACM) Newsletter site.