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Life Cycle Logistics

New WSL 008 Air Force Supply Chain Management Workshop

New WSL 008 Air Force Supply Chain Management Workshop

Bill Kobren

Wanted to make life cycle logistics community members aware of DAU’s newest Mission Assist Workshop entitled “WSL 008 Air Force Supply Chain Management Workshop.” Developed in support of the Air Force’s 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, this three-day workshop focuses on Supply Chain Planning, Strategic Sourcing, Counterfeit Parts Prevention, Demand Forecast Accuracy, Inventory Management, Better Buying Power and other supply chain management topics. The target audience is Air Force Supply chain management practitioners.


WSL 008 represents the fifth life cycle logistics-focused mission assist workshop available from DAU. The full portfolio now includes:


·         WSL 001 Performance Based Logistics 

·         WSL 002 Provisioning Management  

·         WSL 003 Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) For Logisticians  

·         WSL 007 Intermediate Supportability Test and Evaluation  

·         WSL 008 Air Force Supply Chain Management Workshop


So, you might ask, what is a Mission Assist Workshop, and how is it different from other DAU training? Glad you asked! As the website discusses:


“DAU's Mission Assistance activities include a variety of consulting services for teams and individuals; as well as the acquisition workshops listed below.


Workshops are scheduled on-demand and delivered by DAU faculty for requesting organizations at the customer's location or at DAU facilities. These Mission Assistance are not offered for general registration. They are designed and delivered in an "Intact Team" environment.


In some cases a Fee-For-Service (FFS) arrangement may apply and would be coordinated between the organization's representative and the appropriate DAU representative. This will be reflected in the Support Agreement (DD1144, or IAA for non-DoD organizations) signed by both parties. Fees may include: materials, instructor(s) travel, per diem, and in some cases labor rates.

Click on the Workshop/Course Number next name to review and request more descriptive information. You can also contact a DAU Mission Assistance representative in your Region.”


In addition, DAU also offers a range of related supply chain management learning assets, including (but certainly not limited to):


·         LOG 102 Fundamentals of System Sustainment Management Training Course

·         CLL 037 DoD Supply Chain Fundamentals Continuous Learning Module

·         CLL 032 Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Parts from Entering the DoD Supply System Continuous Learning Module

·         CLL 062 Counterfeit Prevention Awareness Continuous Learning Module

·         Supply Support IPS Element site on the DAU LOG CoP

·         Counterfeit Parts ACQuipedia Article

·         Supply Chain Management (SCM) ACQuipedia Article

·         Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) ACQuipedia Article

·         Supply Classes ACQuipedia Article

·         Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Supply Support ACQuipedia Article