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Newly Available DoD Innovation Pathways Website

Newly Available DoD Innovation Pathways Website

Newly Available DoD Innovation Pathways Website
Bill Kobren

For readers who might not have already seen it, encourage you to take a look at a Department of Defense announcement entitled “Defense Department Launches Innovation Pathways Website”. According to the December 9th DoD news release, “The DoD announced today significant updates to the Innovation Pathways website that will allow it to serve as a "one-stop shop" for learning how to deliver innovation to the DoD. Located at www.ctoinnovation.mil, this site serves as a gateway for industry, small businesses, students, universities, and other organizations within the Department itself to discover opportunities with DoD organizations and affiliate programs involved in research and development…. The new website provides a user-friendly platform, segmented into three sections, one for businesses, one for students and academia, and one for DoD users. This design enables users to get the information and contacts they need in a streamlined manner.”