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Life Cycle Logistics

Newly Updated DoD PSM Training Requirement

Newly Updated DoD PSM Training Requirement

Newly Updated DoD PSM Training Requirement
Bill Kobren

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support has issued a new policy memorandum of interest to DoD Product Support Managers (PSM) entitled “DoD Product Support Manager Mandatory Training Requirement”. Dated April 10, 2023, this new memorandum updates and supersedes the earlier June 2, 2022 version outlining attendance requirements for the LOG 4650V Executive Product Support Manager's Course.

As an added bonus, in addition to a recent career-enhancing DAU LOG Blog entitled “Potential Pathways to DoD Product Support Manager”, we’ve also posted a copy of this newly updated memo to our DAU PSM Reference Repository. If you're unfamiliar with the latter, this PSM Reference Repository may quite possibly be the most comprehensive information repository available anywhere focused specifically on DoD Product Support Managers (PSM). The site contains a wealth of detailed –and easily discoverable -- information on PSM resources and references organized into nine key areas:

  • Background
  • PSM Related Statutes
  • PSM Policy
  • PSM Guidance
  • PSM Articles & GAO Reports
  • PSM LOG Blog Posts of Interest
  • PSM Awards
  • PSM Tools & Training
  • PSM Workshops

Finally, since we’re on the subject of DoD Product Support Managers, here are a few additional handy links to key PSM statutory and policy references that might be of interest to DoD life cycle logisticians and product support managers: