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Life Cycle Logistics

Our Newest DAU Logistics Training Courses (Part 1)

Our Newest DAU Logistics Training Courses (Part 1)

Our Newest DAU Logistics Training Courses (Part 1)
Bill Kobren
As I’d shared previously, your DAU colleagues have recently deployed five new online training courses. As a public service, permit me to share a few details about several of them.
  • LOG 0600 Data Analytics Fundamentals for Product Support - Not sure where to begin with analytics, AI, and Machine Learning in your Product Support role? Start here! Completion of this course also advances you towards the newly updated CLCL 002A Integrated Product Support Credential --a win-win! Data Analytics Fundamentals for Product Support provides a knowledge base for Life Cycle Logisticians (LCLs) to understand how data analytics, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications can optimize product support outcomes across the integrated product support elements. This online training (OLT) course will identify key data sources and predictive analytics/AI that are being utilized across the Services. Additionally, the course examines the types of questions and product support outcomes a LCL should investigate regarding predictive analytics/AI to assist the human decision-making process. With a grounding in the latest initiatives, best practices, and lessons learned from the various Services as well as current policy guidance and solutions from OSD a foundation is established for advancing the application of advanced data analytics in designing, developing, and implementing product support. This 3-hour course was championed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support and developed for acquisition and product support professionals, along with other members of the acquisition workforce and DOD personnel. The course is written with the assumption that the learners possess little-to-no knowledge in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.
  • ACQ 0200 Item Unique Identification (IUID) - The new ACQ 0200 Item Unique Identification (IUID) Course saves you time! Recognizing your time is valuable, DAU recently consolidated CLM 200 Item Unique Identification (3 hours, now retired), CLM 201 Serialized Item Management (2 hours, now retired), and CLE 040 IUID Marking (3 hours, now retired) into a single 3-hour course, with one exam, you can complete this important training in a single session! Moreover, this course is part of the new CLCL 003A Supply Chain Integration Credential. By taking the IUID course, you're one step closer to earning a new credential. This multi-disciplinary Online Training (OLT) course provides workforce members with an introduction to item unique identification (IUID), which is a system and methodology for applying a permanent, globally unique item identifier (UII) to DoD assets that meet one or more specific conditions. Course coverage includes basic tenets, contracting for IUID, deciding on what/when/how to mark, ensuring mark quality, and using the mark for serialized item management (SIM) and other purposes.
  • LOG 0400 Additive Manufacturing Case Studies - Learn from nine videos straight from the AM experts! This online training course (OLT) provides members of the defense acquisition workforce with multi-disciplinary Additive Manufacturing case studies spanning ground, maritime and air weapon systems. Subject matter experts from the military components provide insights into applications of Additive Manufacturing capabilities. The learner gains insights into a range of applications including how DoD components address supply chain management challenges, DMSMS and/or obsolescence issues through the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies. The course also examines how DoD components approach Additive Manufacturing business case analyses to obtain best value outcomes and how Additive Manufacturing can be used for Component Improvement Plans. This course is for members of the defense acquisition workforce, including but not limited to life cycle logisticians, product support managers, program managers, contracting officers, systems engineers responsible for effectively and efficiently developing, fielding, and sustaining DoD weapon systems. It is also targeted for defense industry counterparts with similar responsibilities.

Thanks to Phil Broyles for his invaluable assistance with today's DAU LOG Blog post!