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OUSD(A&S) 2020 Acquisition & Sustainment Annual Report

OUSD(A&S) 2020 Acquisition & Sustainment Annual Report

OUSD(A&S) 2020 Acquisition & Sustainment Annual Report
Bill Kobren
In case you may not have already seen it, the OUSD (Acquisition and Sustainment) recently issued its 2020 Acquisition & Sustainment Annual Report, summarizing key activities, accomplishments, and outcomes.

Among the many highlights, the report indicated that “…the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) supported a seamless transition from in-person to online training, converting nearly 90 percent of the previously scheduled classroom courses to virtual offerings, and ensuring more than 23,000 workforce members could receive necessary training. Furthermore, DAU expanded its Credential Program by adding three new credentials and bringing the total offered to nine. These are all part of the Human Capital Initiative’s Back-to-Basics effort to modernize the way we train our acquisition professionals.”

The report went on to say that “…all physical DAU locations closed on March 13th (2020) to combat the spread of COVID-19. DAU was able to preserve well over 80% of student capacity by rapidly converting classroom courses to virtual offerings. To date (as of the end of CY2020), DAU’s actions have ensured more than 25,500 workforce members could get necessary training. DAU also increased the number of short, topical webcasts they offered in FY20 by 250% and added online workshops. These online offerings have reached more than 28,000 live attendees and are available to even more through the event recordings on www.DAU.edu. In support of the Back-to-Basics initiative, DAU is paring down required certification training and increasing learning options. A credential program was launched in October, 2019 and to date, more than 8,200 people have enrolled. In 2020, DAU deployed four new credentials and began development of 30 others.”

Special acknowledgement to Darren Rhyne for his assistance with this blog post.