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Product Support Analytical Tools

Product Support Analytical Tools

Bill Kobren

Since the launch in late April of the DoD Product Support Analytical Tools database, the website has received more than 30,000 visitors. We attribute this in large measure to the comprehensive nature and utility to the workforce of making such a capability so readily available. However, not being content with the status quo, we know there is always plenty of room for improvement, including additional details about tools already in the database, as well as other applicable and available tools which are not currently listed. That’s where you, as the current and future users of the site, come in.


Please take the time to visit the site at https://acc.dau.mil/psa-tools and become familiar with its functionality. If you are aware of additional information about materials already posted on the site, or spot a change or correction that needs to be made, simply click the red “Feedback” tab at the top of the page. If you are using, are familiar with, or have used an excellent product support-related tool that is not currently listed on the site, take a moment to help spread the word by clicking on the “Suggest a New Tool” button, and completing the data fields. Both will be sent to a site editor who will review and if appropriate, approve the change or addition.


Your contributions will not only help to enhance the quality and comprehensiveness of this analytical tools database, but will help your fellow defense acquisition workforce professionals more effectively and more successfully accomplish their mission of providing affordable, available, and capable weapon systems to our warfighter customers.