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Life Cycle Logistics

Recommended Continuous Learning Point Opportunities

Recommended Continuous Learning Point Opportunities

Recommended Continuous Learning Point Opportunities
Bill Kobren
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Product Support) has issued an important new memo dated July 29, 2022 of interest for DoD life cycle logisticians and product support managers entitled "Recommended Continuous Learning Opportunities for the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) Functional Area FYs 23-24”.

In this memo, she outlines requirements, opportunities and recommendations for life cycle logisticians and product support managers to meet the 80-hour continuous learning requirements outlined in DoD Instruction 5000.66 Defense Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, Experience, and Career Development Program. She also provides an excellent list of recommended LCL functional, cross-functional and executive/leadership training opportunities that address “current topics to enhance knowledge and skills.”

Of particular note is the reminder of the importance of defense acquisition credentials, saying “while not mandated department-wide, to improve defense acquisition workforce skills and focus CLP requirements, I strongly encourage each LCL workforce member also complete at least one defense acquisition credential through DAU every two-years with the approval of their supervisor, appropriately suited to the majority of the work performed.”

Also of note is the reminder that “other opportunities to achieve CLPs are for the individual to complete current LCL certification requirements and other life cycle logistics (training) courses that have been added or deployed since the time of (your original LCL DAWIA) certification.”

In addition to the recommendations in this new memo, two other handy elective learning resources include the nearly 60 online and instructor-led/virtual instructor-led DAU life cycle logistics training courses as well as a dozen integrated product support element-based defense acqusition life cycle logistics credentials.