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Life Cycle Logistics

Reminder of Today’s Parts & Material Management Webinar

Reminder of Today’s Parts & Material Management Webinar

Reminder of Today’s Parts & Material Management Webinar
Bill Kobren

A quick Thursday morning reminder that in collaboration with OUSD(R&E) Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) DoD Parts & Material Management (PMM) team, your DAU life cycle logistics colleagues are hosting the latest in a series of monthly Parts & Material Management Proven Processes webinar series offerings. It is not too late to register for today's new, no-tuition cost, 1:00 pm EDT webinar offering entitled "Setting Yourself Up for SUCCESS: Newly Published Manual on DMSMS Management (DoDM 4245.15).”

For those who may not be familiar with this new multi-disciplinary webinar series, a brief overview is in order! Are you satisfied with the results of your Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) program and its effect on your customer? While DMSMS is inevitable, it does not have to be thought of as a sequence of periodic crises that will cost you money. Policy, guidance, and best practices describe ways to conduct proactive, robust DMSMS management that routinely resolves issues. And it helps design systems to be DMSMS-resilient. Are you creating too much downstream work by paying insufficient attention to part selection during design? Effective parts management is an important contributor to the long-term success of any program because an end-item’s reliability, maintainability, supportability, assurance, and supply-chain security are dependent on the parts that comprise it. The DoD Parts Management Program establishes parts management best practices to increase readiness and reduce total ownership costs. This important webinar series provides a cross-functional forum for promoting, shaping, and coordinating government and industry approaches to effective DMSMS and parts management. This series leverages subject matter experts to increase your knowledge, awareness, and ability to support your program effectively.

Including today’s event, the next three offerings of these regularly scheduled monthly offerings are available for registration, and include:

As always, workforce members can view videos of past webinar offerings directly from the event page. This brings to seven the number of readily available, regularly scheduled, no-cost life cycle logistics, product support, and sustainment-focused DAU webinar series; which now include:

Finally, regardless of your functional area, would highly encourage you to visit a recent DAU LOG Blog post entitled “Key DMSMS, Parts & Material Management Resources” to gain a sense of the breadth and depth of available policy, guidance, standards, data items, tools, training, references, resources, credentials, and related learning assets on these vitally important topics.