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Life Cycle Logistics

Reminder - Tomorrow’s "Mentoring Moments" Webcast

Reminder - Tomorrow’s "Mentoring Moments" Webcast

Reminder - Tomorrow’s "Mentoring Moments" Webcast
Bill Kobren
Focusing on career development and talent management, a quick reminder about the launch of a new bi-monthly webcast series “Mentoring Moments” this Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. EST. This enlightening and engaging event will be hosted by the LCL Functional Area Leader, Ms. Lisa P. Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support. In this webcast series, attendees can expect to gain insights into DoD and Service opportunities related to their own career development and advancement. Panelists in the March 3 premiere episode will discuss experiences within their respective career-development programs. Visit https://www.dau.edu/event/Mentoring%20Moments%20Career%20Development for details, including panel lineup, Ms. Smith’s biography, information about this first event, and to register. Attendees can earn Continuous Learning Point(s) (CLPs).