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Life Cycle Logistics

SCOR DS Performance People, Practices

SCOR DS Performance People, Practices

supply chain
Dan McLean

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard (SCOR DS) Introduction webpage SCOR Model (ascm.org) not only describes the model and the processes, now Plan, Order, Source, Transform, Fulfill and Return, but it also provided users with Performance, People, Practices and the Introduction to SCOR and Applications.  The Performance section looks at the measurement and outcomes of supply chains looking at the factors of resilience, economic and sustainability.  The People section looks at managing talent in the supply chain, using factors of skills, experiences, and training.  The Practices sections looks at the unique ways to configure a process or processes. All the listed practices are now described as Best Practices, and those practices have been classified into categories such as Business Process Analysis and Improvement and Product Life Cycle Management. 

Additional information can be found in earlier DAU LOG blog posts at SCOR DS Information and Resources and Updated SCOR Digital Standard (SCOR-DS)

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