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Life Cycle Logistics

Translating Competencies into Professional Competence

Translating Competencies into Professional Competence

Translating Competencies into Professional Competence
Bill Kobren
For those who may not have already seen it, I shared a few perspectives of potential interest in a new Defense Acquisition Magazine article entitled “Translating Competencies into Competence.”

As I share in the article, competencies have long served as powerful enablers of Defense Acquisition Workforce professional development, functional area proficiency, and on-the-job success. Foundational certification standards reflect fundamental competencies for the position. This is a good start to be sure but is by no means sufficient. Workforce members and their supervisors play a key role in this process. Each of us is responsible for continuously growing professionally and expanding our knowledge, skills, and abilities. We need to build networks, experience, and expertise as we advance in our careers. We need to understand the competency requirements for our chosen profession to be sure, but we each need to take ownership of our own professional development, our own professional competence, our own personal expertise, and ultimately the desired outcomes. Encourage defense acqusition workforce members, including life cycle logisticians, product support managers, and other sustainment professionals to take a look at the article. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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