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Upcoming DAU 2021 Flagship Event of the Summer

Upcoming DAU 2021 Flagship Event of the Summer

Upcoming DAU 2021 Flagship Event of the Summer
Bill Kobren
Join us June 9, 2021 and earn up to 8 Continuous Learning Points for our flagship event of the summer, featuring our 12 fantastic speakers as they discuss DoD’s biggest acquisition challenges, while offering the best ideas to positively impact our shared future. These ideas can highlight existing platforms or ecosystems, advocate for cutting edge capabilities, or share best practices. Throughout the day, our speakers will also conduct virtual meet-and-greets and questions-and-answers, providing attendees with opportunities to engage directly with them and network with peers. During this event, you will have an opportunity to hear from:
  • Zach "ZB" Baumann, Talent Management Researcher, Air Force Personnel Center
  • Yolanda Clarke, CEO/Founder, Powder River Industries
  • Steffanie Easter, VP, Strategy - Defense & Civilian Sector, SAIC
  • Mario Guerendo, CTO, Hanzo Logistics
  • Fatema Hamdani, Co-Founder & CEO, Kraus Aero Space
  • Hannah Hunt, Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Army Software Factory
  • Alex McLeod, Lead Asset Manager, Close As You Go
  • Maj David Rothzeid, USAF, Acquisition Officer
  • Joy Shanaberger, CEO, Boone Group
  • CAPT Ben "Nut" Van Buskirk, US Navy, Director, NavalX
  • VADM Mat Winter, USN, Retired, Strategic Leader, Advisor & Innovator
  • Dr. Will Roper, Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics

Because this event is entirely virtual, there are NO travel costs, NO registration fees and attendees of the June 9, 2021, virtual sessions can earn up to 8 Continuous Learning Points! You can see the agenda, read more about the speakers and register at https://go.usa.gov/xHSXA.

Important reminder: Attendance at our flagship event is limited to the DoD and the Federal government only and is authorized only for participants with email domains ending in .mil, .gov., and .edu (for DoD and Federal Government Academic institutions only).

Special acknowledgement to Abel Trevino for his assistance with this blog post.