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Life Cycle Logistics

Upcoming JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee

Upcoming JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee

Bill Kobren
While tending more toward the engineering and technical than product support and sustainment, wanted to advise potentially interested LOG Blog aficionados about the upcoming virtual Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force (JANNAF) interagency propulsion committee meetings coming up December 7, 17, 2020, and particularly the JANNAF Programmatic and Industrial Base (PIB) session. You can learn more at meeting overview, registration information, or contact information.

For those not familiar with their mission, “..the JANNAF Interagency Propulsion Committee coordinates fundamental research, exploratory development, and advanced developmental programs; standardizes procedures for nomenclature; promotes and facilitates the exchange of technical information; and accomplishes problem solving in the areas of joint agency interest on propulsion systems for missiles, rockets, boosters, spacecraft, satellites, and guns.”

Important Note: As always, inclusion here is provided solely for defense acquisition workforce professional development informational purposes only, and does not in any way imply either DoD or DAU endorsement of any particular event, organization, or venue.