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Updated Defense Materiel Disposition Manual

Updated Defense Materiel Disposition Manual

Updated Defense Materiel Disposition Manual
Bill Kobren
The Department of Defense has issued an newly updated DoD Manual 4160.21 Vol 3 Defense Materiel Disposition: Reutilization, Transfer, and Sale of Property.

“This manual is composed of several volumes, each containing its own purpose; …this manual prescribes uniform procedures for the disposition of DoD personal property and establishes the sequence of processes for the disposition of personal property of the DoD Components (while this particular) volume of this manual:
  • Implements policy for reutilization, transfer, excess property screening, and issue of surplus property and foreign excess personal property (FEPP), scrap released by qualified recycling programs (QRPs), and non-QRP scrap.
  • Provides guidance for removing excess material through security assistance programs and foreign military sales (FMS).
  • Provides detailed instructions for the sale of surplus property and FEPP, scrap released by QRPs, and non-QRP scrap.”

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