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Life Cycle Logistics

Updated LOG 0460 Course Deployed

Updated LOG 0460 Course Deployed

The 12 Integrated Product Support Elements
Karla O'Connor

If you are a Life Cycle Logistician or other functional member of an Integrated Product Team (IPT) supporting a Product Support Manager (PSM) and Program Manager (PM) for an acquisition program, it is important that you become familiar with the Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements and the related activities and life cycle products that result in the product support package for a new system.

LOG 0460, The 12 IPS Elements online training course, was recently revised and re-deployed in a modern format.  It includes a tour of the IPS Element Guidebook, describes each IPS element with examples, and explains the importance of integrating all 12 of the elements in delivering affordable and effective product support for the Warfighter.

If you are new to Product Support or it’s been a while since you’ve taken this course, we recommend checking out this newly released updated version.