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Life Cycle Logistics

Weekly DAU "Lunch & Learn" Webinars

Weekly DAU "Lunch & Learn" Webinars

Bill Kobren

Did you know DAU offers weekly web-based “Lunch and Learn” webinar sessions? Upcoming sessions include:


·         Apr 22 - DoD Instruction 5000.02 Update

·         Apr 29 - Identifying Required Technical Data and Software

·         May 6 - Are You Prepared for an IBR?

·         May 13 - An Overview of the Life Cycle Logistics Process

·         May 20 - 12 Integrated Product Support Elements

·         May 27 - No Session - Holiday Week

·         Jun 3 - Reliability Growth Modeling

·         Jun 10 - 5-Step FAR System Research Process

·         Jun 17 - Learn the "art" of the ARRT (Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool)

·         Jun 24 - Aircraft Operations: Limiting Government Liability Thru The Application Of The "Ground and Flight Risk" Clause


These ‘Lunch & Learn’ webinars commence at 1230 EDT, every Wednesday (except during a holiday week) and last approximately one hour.   Supervisor permitting, registering for the webinar(s) is relatively simple and is included below in addition to the URL for accessing


·         Registration:  http://go.usa.gov/H2sA

·         Presentations: https://connect.dco.dod.mil/daulunchandlearn   (Enter as a Guest)

·         Schedule Changes/Updates/Session Content & Recordings:  http://go.usa.gov/3YC2w

·         Session Evaluations:   http://go.usa.gov/SZ3H


Note that two of the upcoming sessions (May 13 and May 20) are focused on Life Cycle Logistics-related topics (An Overview of the Life Cycle Logistics Process and the 12 Integrated Product Support Elements). Encourage you to check them out.