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Business Acumen: Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Business Acumen important to the Department of Defense? 

The Department of Defense is rethinking Defense acquisition in response to accelerating technological changes and the challenges of the Great Power Competition.  Business acumen is essential to enable the workforce to continually deliver dominant warfighting capabilities. 

What can I expect next in the way of business acumen resources? 

The faculty at DAU is working diligently to develop and improve resources specific to Business Acumen skills. These resources include courses, credentials, workshops, consulting, articles, podcasts, collaboration forums, and webinars. These resources will be offered in a variety of relevant topics. 

How are you continually developing business acumen resources? 

Business acumen resources will continually be improved through awareness of economic, social, and technology trends and relevant developments in private sector business processes. Findings will be incorporated into upgraded and new learning assets made available to acquisition workforce.

What can I do to advance this initiative?

The success of this initiative is dependent upon getting the best learning content into the hands of the acquisition workforce. Dialog and two-way feedback are important to ensure we’re hitting the mark with the resources we’re providing. We welcome any feedback on the learning assets and any suggestions to include additional relevant topics or resources.