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Tool Description

Assist is a database comprised of the DoD Index of Standards and Specifications (DODISS), the Acquisition Management Systems & Data Requirements Control List (AMSDL), and the SD-4. The ASSIST Database resides at the DoD Single Stock Point for Military Specifications and Standards (DODSSP), located at Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS) in Philadelphia. ASSIST Quicksearch link located on the home page allows you to search the Defense and Federal specifications and standards without having a user account. Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) can be viewed using Quicksearch.

ASSIST is the official source for specifications and standards used by the Department of Defense.

OtherAcquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System ASSIST


PowerLOG-J is an acquisition logistics data management tool that satisfies requirements for the Logistics Management Information (LMI), and logistics data transfer requirements of Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA)) Standard 0007.  It is used to develop, evaluate, review, and integrate logistics data for materiel systems.  PowerLOG-J can be used to produce over 50 logistics support summaries and reports such as the Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTL), Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC), Task Analysis, Provisioning Technical Documentation, Bill of Materials; and, Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis.


PowerLOG-J is designed to assist government agencies and their contractors in developing and integrating their supportability analysis data bases. It will load MIL-STD-1388-2B, 2A LSA-036, 2B LSA-036, and MIL-STD-1552 (Provisioning Master Record) data formats. The primary purpose of this tool is Acquisition Logistics Data Management.  PowerLOG is a logistics support analysis database application used by the materiel developer to create and deliver Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), and Logistics Product Data.  Government agencies use PowerLOG to review contractor submittals, and to send data to logistics systems like the Army’s Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS), Interactive Authoring Display System (IADS), Navy Interactive Cataloging and Provisioning System (ICAPS), Air Force D220 Provisioning system, and Marine Corps ICAPS (MICAPS).PowerLOG-J integrates logistics data associated with weapon system configuration, provisioning/spares, packaging, maintenance tasks, support equipment, manpower, facilities, transportability, cataloging, reliability, maintainability, failure modes effects and criticality analysis and the drawings associated with these areas.  Allowing many functional processes to work off one database enables life cycle logistics data to be more easily managed and used.  PowerLOG was developed in Java and runs on most JDBC compliant RDBMS including Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and other operating systems and uses XML, HTML, and PDF.  It can be run in a client/server setup or as a stand-alone application. PowerLOG works on Windows, OS X, LINUX, Solaris, or any other operating system with a 1.6 or higher Java Virtual Machine.  PowerLOG's client/server mode has been tested against Oracle 10g2, PostgreSQL 8.3 and Firebird. Firebird and PostgreSQL are free for download and commercial use. The stand-alone version comes with the Derby embedded Java database from the Apache Foundation.

A web-based version of powerLOG is currently under development and beta version of this software should be available early next year.

OtherArmy - PowerLog Logistics Support Data System

This link provides activities involved as Data Item Description (DID) Approval Authorities and Processing Offices.  Addresses, phone numbers and an email link to each agency are provided here.

Contacts for standards and DIDs.

OtherSD-1 Contacts

On October 8, 2004 Acting USD (AT&L) Mike Wynne approved provisional release of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook.  The Interim Defense Acquisition Guidebook (an integral part of the DOD Acquisition Series) has been finalized into an interactive on-line reference to policies and discretionary best practices. The guidebook should be used as a necessary complement to DODD 5000.1 and DODI 5000.2. Click on the link to view the guidebook. You will also find a guidebook tutorial as well. Whereas the DODD and the DODI explained "what" is to be done in a given acquisition program, the intent of the guidebook is to compliment the DODD and DODI by explaining "how".

Members of the DM Community of Practice participated in the process of reviewing and making changes to the Guidebook  Section Data Management and Section Data Management: 

This integral part of the DoD Acquisiition series amplifies the guidance provided on DODI 5000.02

OtherDefense Acquisition Guidebook
This link takes you to a page on the Defense Tecnical Information Center (DTIC) website. It provides distribution statements and notices that are authorized for use on DOD technical documents.
OtherDistribution Statements for Use on Technical Documents

Managed by the Defense Logistics Information Service, the Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) is an automated information system that serves as the central index of engineering data for the Department of Defense (DoD). It is an interactive on-line system that indicates quickly and easily where engineering drawings or documents reside and provides you with the information and ability to order it phone, mail, FAX, E-mail, or electronic order requests.

OtherDLA - Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System MEDALS

GEODAS is an interactive database management system developed by the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) for use in the assimilation, storage, and retrieval of geophysical data.

OtherGEOphysical DAta System GEODAS
Part of the DONCIO Information Literacy web site, this link provides valuable information on locating specs and standards.  Locating pertinent specifications and standards is critical to the work of many Naval organizations, not only in engineering and design, but also to ensure that Naval activities adhere to recognized standards and practices in almost every facet of operations from data communications to medical equipment maintenance to pollution control.  Specifications and standards are codified guidelines and definitions of processes, and product performance and design criteria, and are intended to help create uniformity, interchangeability, quality, and safety of products and processes.  This site provides information on Major Standards Organizations, obtaining Government and Non-Government Specs and Standards, as well as fee-based sources that are available. Additionally, it provides a host of related web-based resources which are available on this topic.
OtherFinding Information - Searching for Specifications and Standards

Part of the DONCIO Information Literacy Toolkit this link provides information on how to find technical manuals and drawings.  Many Naval Commands are employing Internet-based approaches both to develop and to publish engineering and technical documents.  Every day hundreds of technical manuals, ship construction drawings, process instructions, indexes, etc. are added to the list of documents being updated only in digital format.  While many of these documents are also distributed to fleet and repair activites in CD-ROM format, others can be retrieved only on-line.  Internet access to the Web sites on Navy Planning Yards and In-Service Engineering Agents is therefore essential not only for operational units, but also for engineering and logistics support commands.  This site provides a number of POCs with phone numbers and/or web site information as well as a host of related web-based resources.

The most commonly used access points for NAVAIR and NAVSEA System Command users are cited below:

For NAVAIR:  NATEC, San Diego, CA:     Customer Service #619.545.1888

For NAVSEA: NSDSA, Port Hueneme:                                                Customer Service #805.228.0669

OtherSearching for Technical Manuals and Drawings
This JEDMICS is the Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Command (NATEC) repository. Click on the JEDMICS link to learn more about JEDMICS. You must obtain approval from NATEC and establish a valid account with userid/password to access engineering drawings and technical manuals.
This tool is provided by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) that provides free citations of unclassified scientific and technical information to assist to the DoD.
OtherPublic Scientific and Technical Information Network STINET
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