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Other Government Agencies

This contains links to DM related information/regulations from other governmental agencies.  At this point the only references are  to the National Weather Service Directives System and Federal Aviation Administration Order 1375.1C on Data Management.  Others will be added as they are either found by the editors or nominated by our members.
OSHA Technical Data Center.aspx
Reference5/16/2017 9:08 PM
National Weather Service NWS Directive System.aspx
Reference5/16/2017 9:06 PM
FAA Order 1375.1C Data Management.aspx
Reference5/16/2017 9:05 PM
FAA Data Management Strategy.aspx
Reference5/16/2017 9:05 PM
Reference5/16/2017 9:05 PM
FAA STD 060 REVB Data Std for the NAS.pdf
Reference5/16/2017 9:05 PM
FAA Data Mgmt Program Aug01 Brief.pdf
Reference5/16/2017 9:05 PM