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Click on the DAU CLC link.  Click on the Learning Center icon.  Then click on Course Information and Access.  Look in Self-Paced Modules and scroll down. To receive credit for the module you must "login".

  • Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) School of Systems and Logistics
    1. Fundamentals of Data Management (SYS 110).  Taught by Mr. Sam Epstein, one of our Data Management Core Members. Learn the fundamental principles of Data Management and the importance of DM in an integrated product team. Learn about topics such as CDRLs & DIDs.
    2. Engineering Data Management (SYS 150).  Teaches the management of concepts which underlie the acquisition of engineering data.  The management responsibilities of the Engineering Data Management Office (EDMO) are the primary theme. 

    Get a detailed course description by clicking on the FY 04 Course Schedule and scrolling down to find the courses. You can pre-register by clicking on Student Operations and then click on Pre-register Online.

    • U.S. Army Logistics University (ALU)
      1. Intelligent Technologies for Operations Research Course (ITOR) (ALMC-IJ) The key focus of the ITOR course is to introduce analysts to intelligent techniques for Knowledge Management (i.e., selecting, organizing, distilling, analyzing, and utilizing knowledge for problem solving and decision support).  

    (This course is no longer offered as a resident course.  Awaiting funding to develop the course in a distance learning mode.)

    • Millenium Data Management Training Courses 
      1. Basic Data Management. Presents the fundamental concepts of Data Management. All classes are taught by Ms. Cynthia Hauer, one of our Core Members.
      2. Advanced Data Management.  Builds on basic DM fundamentals and applies new strategies and technology solutions and tools to the practice of Data Management.
      3. Data Management Principles and Practice for Industry and Government Managers.  Provides managers at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels of the enterprise with practical understanding and application of the use and value of DM to enhance program or project management.
    • Other Data Management Training & Education opportunities are listed below under related websites.
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