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What are data rights? What's the difference between IP and data rights? Are there standard data rights clauses that should be included in contract documents? 
Click on "FAQ" or the arrow next to these questions below for answers to these other basic questions relating to IP and data rights.  
Topic Area
expand FAQ :  What are some of the relevant DFARS provisions governing data rights? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Are there broad principles to consider when acquiring licensing rights? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Are there steps that program managers and contracting officers should take when drafting and negotiating contracts to identify and resolve data and data rights issues prior to contract award? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Does the receipt of confidential and proprietary information present problems for program managers and contracting officers during the acquisition process? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : If the Government acquires a data rights license, who owns the copyright in technical data and computer software? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : Is it possible for the Government and the contractor to modify the standard licensing rights granted to the Government? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What are data rights? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What are the relevant data rights clauses to include in solicitations and government contracts to ensure that the agency obtains the appropriate licensing rights? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What is the scope of these licensing rights? ‎(1)
expand FAQ : What license rights does the Government obtain in technical data and computer software developed under a government contract? ‎(1)
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