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Best Practices

Best PracticesIntellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Best Practices 

This page includes templates, other documents and best practice guidance submitted by DoD Component agencies useful in the drafting, negotiation and acquisition of IP technologies. The page also includes videos, documents and other content reflecting industry's perspective on IP and Data Rights and industry and government's collaboration on these topics.  

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Summary Description
IP-DR Topic
CDRL Template
CDRLsBest Practice
IP Markings_11 Sept_2019_final.pdf
IP Markings
Best Practice
Summary Description
IP-DR Topic
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Boeing Intellectual Property Video, Industry Perspective
Guidance Intellectual Property Strategy
Intellectual Property Markings article

 DAU Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Points of Contact

DAU has 6 campuses located across the U.S. - DAU Headquarters and Capitol and Northeast Region (Fort Belvoir), Mid-Atlantic (Maryland), DAU South (Huntsville), DAU Midwest (Ohio) and DAU West (San Diego). 

To reach any member of the IP and Data Rights team, please email

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VickiLearning Director, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
MarkProfessor of Acquisition Management, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
AllenProfessor of Program ManagementDAU West
MarkProfessor of Contract ManagementDAU Mid-West
KurtProfessor, Contract ManagementDAU South
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