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Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

This section provides documents, websites and other content addressing the following emerging and other technology and licensing topics: Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA), Software (including Open Source Software) and Supply Chain.

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Summary Description
IP-DR Topic
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DAU OT Workshop.pptx
Checked Out To: VICKI ALLUMSDAU OT Workshop.pptx
Checked Out To: VICKI ALLUMS
DAU OT Workshop presentation slides
Emerging Technology, Other TransactionsGeneral
Video-Intellectual Property and Data Rights Overview.aspx
What is Intellectual Property? What are data rights? Why is it important to the US Government?  Why do you need to know about it? Basic answers to these questions can be found by watching a new video created by DAU, “Intellectual Property and Data Rights.”  The video provides a quick overview of Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Rights and why the DOD needs to focus on this issue when acquiring or modifying a weapons system. 

View the video to get a fast and easy introductory insight into the topic prior to enrolling in DAU online courses such as CLE 068, or before engaging in the topic in PMT 401 or 402. Also, use it as a quick "refresher" at any time.
Computer Software, Data Rights, DFARs, Intellectual Property, Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA), Technical DataGeneral
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Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software.aspx
This policy also establishes a pilot program that requires agencies, when commissioning new
custom software, to release at least 20 percent of new custom-developed code as Open Source
Software (OSS) for three years, and collect additional data concerning new custom software to
inform metrics to gauge the performance of this pilot.6
Emerging Technology, Open Source Software, SoftwareGeneral
FAQ on Open Source Software.pdf
CENDI, interagency Copyright Working Group, FAQ on Open Source Software
Emerging Technology, Open Source Software, SoftwareGeneral
U.S. Government's policy on Open Source Software.pdf
U.S. Government's policy on Open Source Software issued in August, 2016
Emerging Technology, Open Source Software, SoftwareGeneral
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DoD Cloud Strategy.aspx
DoD Cloud Strategy
Cloud Computing, Emerging Technology;#General;#
wipo_ip_ai_2_ge_20_1_rev (1).docx
World Intellectual Property White Paper on IP and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)General


The following Courses link to Emerging Technology related training. To view the entire list of Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Training list provided, please click here
IP-DR Topic
CLE 019 Modular Open Systems ApproachThis course will describe the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) principles from a business and a technical perspective.It will also describe the importance of MOSA for IP, Data and Data Rights. Emerging Technology
IP-DR Topic
CLE 074 Cybersecurity Throughout DoD AcquisitionThis course provides foundational understanding of basic principles of cybersecurity and cybersecurity risk management in the defense acquisition field.Emerging Technology
CLE 075 Introduction to DoD Cloud ComputingThis continuous learning module will explain what cloud computing is and how cloud services work so that you can recognize the benefits and risks to the DoD and your Component. Emerging Technology
CLE 076 Introduction to Agile Software AcquisitionThis course will assist those considering implementing an agile approach or those joining an existing agile approach in understanding the concept in the Department of Defense Acquisition Context. Emerging Technology
CLE 078 Software Acquisition for the Program Office Workforce This course will explain program management challenges which are unique to software reliant programs. This online training discusses developing and managing requirements, constructing acquisition strategies, funding, contracting considerations and etc. tEmerging Technology
CLE 080 Supply Chain Risk Management for Information and Communications Technology (ICT)This course provides defense acquisition personnel with a foundation for understanding the basic aspects of Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) for ICT.Emerging Technology
ISA 101, Basic Information Systems AcquisitionsThis course covers introductory-level concepts in DoD information systems, defense business systems and software acquisition management. Key areas covered include DoD regulatory and technical frameworks, enterprise architecture, risk, issue and opportunitEmerging Technology
ISA 201 Intermediate Information Systems AcquisitionISA 201 Intermediate Information Systems AcquisitionCloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Emerging Technology, Software
ISA 220 Risk Management Framework (RMF) for the PractitionerISA 220 Risk Management Framework (RMF) for the PractitionerEmerging Technology
ISA 301 Advanced Enterprise Information Systems Acquisition ISA 301 Advanced Enterprise Information Systems Acquisition Emerging Technology

IP-DR Topic Area
Adapative Acquisition FrameworkEmerging Technologies, Software
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Community of PracticeAdditive Manufacturing (AM) (3-D Printing), Emerging Technologies
Additive Manufacturing VideosAdditive Manufacturing (AM) (3-D Printing), Emerging Technologies
DAU Hot Topic Forum discussing legal, data security, intellectual property and other issues in acquisition of cloud computing technologies. Cloud Computing, Emerging Technologies
Defense Information Systems Agency Cloud Computing Services Cloud Computing, Emerging Technologies
DISA Milcloud Contract Documents Emerging Technologies
DoD Code.milEmerging Technologies, Open Source Software
DoD Open Source Software GuidanceEmerging Technologies, Open Source Software, Software
Federal Agencies - code.govEmerging Technologies, Open Source Software, Software
Information Technology/Software Community of PracticeEmerging Technologies
Maintaining DoD's Technological Advantage-The Role of Intellectual Property (IP): IP Strategies, Segregation & Modulation, April 3, 2019Emerging Technologies, Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA)
Open Source Software (OSS) - Best Practices for the Department of DefenseEmerging Technologies, Open Source Software, Software
Software Acquisition Pathway Interim Policy and ProceduresEmerging Technologies
Software Buyer's GuideEmerging Technologies
Summary of DoD AIA StrategyArtificial Intelligence (AI), Emerging Technologies
Summary of the 2018 Department of Defense Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Harnessing AI to Advance Our Security and ProsperityArtificial Intelligence (AI), Emerging Technologies
The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification - Request for Information/Proposal (RFI/RFP) Contract Strategy Considerations to Implement the CMCCybersecurity

 DAU Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Points of Contact

DAU has 6 campuses located across the U.S. - DAU Headquarters and Capitol and Northeast Region (Fort Belvoir), Mid-Atlantic (Maryland), DAU South (Huntsville), DAU Midwest (Ohio) and DAU West (San Diego). 

To reach any member of the IP and Data Rights team, please email 

Learning Director, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
Professor of Acquisition Management, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
Professor of Program ManagementDAU West
Professor of Contract ManagementDAU Mid-West
Professor, Contract ManagementDAU South
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