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IP/Data Rights

Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights

This page includes IP and Data Rights basics and links to DAU online learning modules and other courses addressing these. You can also locate professors at DAU campuses who teach IP and Data Rights. 

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Summary Description
IP-DR Topic
Report to Congress on IP Policy and IP Cadre of Experts for FY2020
Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Cadre
A Marriage Mde in Heaven Other Transaction Authority Agreements and Data Rights.pdf
Checked Out To: VICKI ALLUMSA Marriage Mde in Heaven Other Transaction Authority Agreements and Data Rights.pdf
Checked Out To: VICKI ALLUMS
"A Marriage Mde in Heaven"? Other Transaction Authority Agreements and Data Rights, by Hallie Tremaine Balkin and Howard Harris 
Intellectual Property, Other Transactions
Air Force Data Rights Guidebook (1) (003).pdf
Air Force Data Rights Guidebook
Data Rights
Army Directive 2018-26 Implementation Guidance (003).pdf
Army Directive 2018-26 Implementation Guidance (003)
Data Rights, Intellectual Property
Army IP Policy (Army Directive 2018-26 Enabling Modernization Through the Management of IP--Change 1, 17 Dec 2020.pdf
This change 1 to Implmentation Guidance for Army Directive 2018-26 is a revised guidance document based on evolving regulation and policy, feedback from Army stakeholders and industrypartners, and best practices gleaned from the field.
Data Rights, DFARs, Intellectual Property
DODInstruction 5010.44.IntellectualProperty (IP) Acquisition and Licensing.pptx
DoD Instruction 5010.44 Intellectual Property (IP) Acquisition and Licensing Rapid Deployment Training (RDT)
Data Rights, Intellectual Property
Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright.aspx
This document is prepared by the CENDI Copyright Task Group in response to a request from the task group members and CENDI principals to address the issue of copyright from an operations perspective. In 1997, the CENDI Task Group identified a series of questions concerning copyright and intellectual property. These were documented as part of the Task Group's report, "Copyright and Intellectual Property: Operational Issues for CENDI Agencies." Realizing that it was not in a position to provide guidance for any particular agency, CENDI developed the concept of a Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQ) that could be used to educate librarians, information center staff, publications staff and agency authors about copyright.
Copyrights, Intellectual Property
IP Workshop Flyer.pptx
Flyer announcing availability of IP Strategy Workshop
Data Rights, Intellectual Property, Patents, Strategy
Section 813 Report.pdf
Section 813 Report
813 Panel, Intellectual Property, Data Rights
Technical Data and Computer Software Rights Handbook 9th Edition.pdf
This Handbook provides a practical "cradle-to-grave" approach to acquiring IP rights in technical data and computer software. It is an extended treatment of that subject which is briefly discussed in Government Contract Law for Engineers (September 2004) issued by SMC/JA.
Data Rights, Intellectual Property
The Value of Intellectual Property in Government Procurement Auctions: The Case of Military Trucks in the United States after the Cold War
Intellectual Property
Video-Intellectual Property and Data Rights Overview.aspx
What is Intellectual Property? What are data rights? Why is it important to the US Government?  Why do you need to know about it? Basic answers to these questions can be found by watching a new video created by DAU, “Intellectual Property and Data Rights.”  The video provides a quick overview of Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Rights and why the DOD needs to focus on this issue when acquiring or modifying a weapons system. 

View the video to get a fast and easy introductory insight into the topic prior to enrolling in DAU online courses such as CLE 068, or before engaging in the topic in PMT 401 or 402. Also, use it as a quick "refresher" at any time.
Computer Software, Data Rights, DFARs, Intellectual Property, Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA), Technical Data


The following Courses link to Intellectual Property and Data Rights related training. To view the entire list of Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Training list provided, please click here

IP-DR Topic
CLE 068 Intellectual Property and Data RightsThis module provides fundamental information about intellectual property and the effective management of rights in technical data and computer software and their contribution to programmatic success. The module addresses concepts and legal guidance relateIntellectual Property, Data Rights
CLE084 Models, Simulations & Digital EngineeringThis continuous learning module provides key information, from a Systems Engineering perspective. It outlines how Models, Simulations, and Digital Engineering can be a benefit over the entire system life cycle and how M&S and DE can support Systems EngineIntellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 071 Introduction to Data ManagementThis continuous learning module explains why an Intellectual Property Strategy is required by DoDI 5000.02 and Defense Acquisition Guidance, to identify and manage the full spectrum of Intellectual Property and related issues including the technical data,Intellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 072 Data Management Strategy Development This training provides the student with the requirements, tools, and processes needed to complete a comprehensive IP Strategy.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 073 Data Management Planning SystemThis continuous learning module explains how conscientious Data Management (DM) planning contributes to the success of major weapon systems acquisitions. It explores such topics as key personnel roles in DM planning, recent events and changes to DM planniIntellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 075 Data Acquisition This course identifies the activities and requirements associated with data acquisition. The goal of this course is to present the activities and requirements associated with drafting a Request for Proposal (RFP), the process for responding to proposals, Intellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 076 Data Markings Proper markings are vital to ensuring data are available to the right people at the right time and that data are protected from unauthorized dissemination. This course explains how to apply the correct markings and distribution statements to technical datIntellectual Property, Data Rights
CLM 077 Data Management Protection and Storage This course explains the vital role Data Protection and Storage play in a major weapon system acquisition program.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
IP-DR Topic
ACQ 202 Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part A Part A of a two-course series designed for mid-level acquisition professionals. It provides a dynamic, real-time learning environment oriented towards developing the requisite skills and knowledge to work in integrated product teams by providing an overviIntellectual Property, Data Rights
ACQ 203 Intermediate Systems Acquisition, Part B Part B of a two-course series designed for mid-level acquisition professionals. It provides a dynamic, real-time learning environment oriented towards developing the requisite skills and knowledge to work in integrated product teams by providing an overviIntellectual Property, Data Rights
ACQ 370, Acquisition LawACQ 370 provides an overview of government contract law, specifically laws and regulations that are applicable to government contracts.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
ACQ 405 Executive Refresher CourseThis course provides currency to DoD’s senior acquisition leaders through enhancement of their skill to integrate actions and decisions across a multi-functional teams.813 Panel, Data Rights, Strategy
CON 216 Legal Considerations in Contracting This course focuses on legal considerations in the procurement process. Participants are introduced to the basic principles and sources of law relevant to procurement, including fiscal law.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
CON 290 Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a SupplyIn this case-based course, students apply Contracting concepts and techniques learned in prerequisite courses to meet customer supply requirements and resolve complex Contracting issues.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
ENG 302 Advanced Systems Engineering Designed for senior DoD technical acquisition personnel, this course focuses on the application of technical skills within a typical DoD systems engineering environment. Participants are expected to have sufficient background knowledge of the DoD’s systemIntellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 204 Configuration Management This cross-disciplinary course teaches professionals about the interrelationship of configuration management to life cycle activities as well as configuration management concepts and basic practices such as configuration identification, status accounting,Intellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 206 Intermediate Systems Sustainment ManagementThis course provides a comprehensive understanding of Logistics Sustainment Management principles and fundamentals including the roles, responsibilities and functions of a Logistician assigned to a major weapon systems acquisition program.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 211 Supportability AnalysisLOG 211 builds on the Supportability concepts presented in LOG 201, Product Support Strategy Development, Part B. Designed as the lynchpin course for the instruction of Supportability Analysis, LOG 211 uses a notional scenario to engage Life Cycle LogistiIntellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 215 Technical Data ManagementThis course provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of technical data management strategies, planning, processes, products and tools across the life cycle based on DoD policy, guidance, processes, procedures and best business practices from aIntellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 350 Enterprise Life Cycle LogisticsEnterprise Life Cycle Logistics Management prepares the life cycle logistician to perform in senior-level life cycle logistics management and policy-making positions. Professionals are required to conduct research, engage in critical thinking exercises, aIntellectual Property, Data Rights
LOG 465 Product Support Manager CourseDesigned as an executive-level course for DoD Product Support Managers (PSM), the two-week program focuses on enhancing a PSM’s success fielding and sustaining ACAT I MDAP/MAIS, and/or Major Weapon System's efforts.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
PMT 360, Program Management Office Course, Part BExpanding on Part A, this course continues to reinforce the student’s knowledge and hone their analysis, synthesis, and evaluative skills through the use of individual examinations, case studies and team exercises.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
PMT 401 Program Manager's CourseThis course is designed to improve DoD acquisition outcomes by strengthening the analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills of acquisition leaders.Intellectual Property, Data Rights, Strategy
PMT 402 Executive Program Manager's CourseThis assignment-specific course focuses on addressing the individual learning needs of newly-selected program executive officers (PEO), program managers (PM), PEO or PM deputies and their industry equivalents.Intellectual Property, Data Rights, Strategy
STM 101 Science & Technology ManagementThis course is an introduction to the various technology management processes involved with developing and transitioning new technologies.Intellectual Property, Data Rights
STM 204 Intermediate Science and Technology Management This course provides Science and Technology professionals with an understanding of the procedures and mechanisms that can be used to develop and transition new technologies into the DoD’s warfighting systems.Intellectual Property, Data Rights

IP-DR Topic Area
AAF Webinar - DoDI 5010.44 Intellectual Property (IP) Acquisition and Licensing Data Rights, Intellectual Property
Air Force Data Rights GuidebookIntellectual Property, Data Rights
Army IP Policy videoIntellectual Property, Data Rights
Army's IP PolicyIntellectual Property, Data Rights, DFARs
Boeing Intellectual Property Video, Industry PerspectiveIntellectual Property, Data Rights
CENDI Copyright PublicationsCopyrights, Intellectual Property Property
Defense Acquisition Regulation SystemIntellectual Property, Data Rights, DFARs
DoD, Innovation, and Intellectual Property in Commercial & Proprietary TechnologiesIntellectual Property, Data Rights
U.S. Copyright Office Copyrights, Intellectual Property
U.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeIntellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks

 DAU Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights Points of Contact

​DAU has 6 campuses located across the U.S. - DAU Headquarters and Capitol and Northeast Region (Fort Belvoir), Mid-Atlantic (Maryland), DAU South (Huntsville), DAU Midwest (Ohio) and DAU West (San Diego). 

To reach any member of the IP and Data Rights team, please email

Learning Director, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
Professor of Acquisition Management, Intellectual PropertyDAU Capital North East (CNE)
Professor of Program ManagementDAU West
Professor of Contract ManagementDAU Mid-West
Professor, Contract ManagementDAU South
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