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IP and DR Impactful Stories

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DAU is gathering impactful stories or examples of the use of IP and Data Rights issues that have surfaced during acquisitions. These stories or examples, both successful and unsuccessful, will be used to highlight the unique situations involved in negotiating data rights and intellectual property, and are not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a particular matter. 

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They may be included as case studies in DAU courses on IP and Data rights or in policy guides, and can be modified if anonymity or non-attribution is desired.

We are interested in examples and stories covering all aspects of negotiating and acquiring IP and Data Rights. 

To share your story, please do the following:

Click here to open the PDF titled Intellectual Property and Data Rights Impactful Story Scenario Template in the Office Web App viewer.

Intellectual Property and Data Rights Impactful Story Scenario Template

Once it is open (check for a new tab on your browser), Choose the "DOWNLOAD" link in the upper menu of the left side of the page in order for the PDF to be dowloaded to your computer.

Open the PDF you've just downloaded to fill it in as each block will be fillable.

Save the PDF back to your computer like this, adding your last name to the FILE:


EMAIL the completed PDF to

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