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Tool Description

ASSIST is a robust, comprehensive web site used by standardization management activities to develop, coordinate, distribute, and manage defense and federal specifications and standards, military handbooks, commercial item descriptions, data item descriptions, and related technical documents prepared in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Defense Standardization Program (DSP). Besides DoD-prepared documents, ASSIST also has selected international standardization agreements, such as NATO standards ratified by the United States and International Test Operating Procedures.     


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​DMSMS and Parts Management Service Leads

OtherDMSMS and Parts Mgmt Service Leads

The Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP) is focused on being a non-biased one-stop provider of DMSMS related information, resources and material to empower the Department of Defense (DoD) community, both Organic and Industrial, to implement best practices for monitoring, tracking, resolving, and performing analytical logistic and engineering analysis related to obsolescence impacts. Utilization of the DKSP as a resource facilitates optimal resolution, test, parts management, design, upgrade and redesign methodologies, thereby minimizing detrimental weapons systems readiness resulting from DMSMS and obsolescence impacts.


​GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) is a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information essential during research, design, development, production and operational phases of the life cycle of systems, facilities and equipment.


SD-18 "Parts Requirements and Application Guide" provides guidance when using military and commercial parts in military environments. It provides part acquisition guidelines for Program Managers, System Program Offices, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. SD-18 provides guidance on how the Department of Defense and its contractors can cooperatively select devices that will result in the lowest cost of ownership for the DoD.


​WSIT provides access to information about weapon systems and specifications associated with NSNs. The system helps to group parts influenced by a specification and evaluate the impact of specification changes on weapon systems. WSIT system is being developed under a contract from the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) by XSB, Inc. CAC Required.

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