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Topic-related Communites. 

Cross-pollination is important for growth. See below for a list of related communities you can join and participate in.

For a complete list of all DAU Communities, please visit the DAU Community hub.

Manufacturing as a discipline has undergone dramatic changes in the last ten years. There is no end in sight to this change. Past concerns about quality and productivity have given way to the assumption that Six Sigma Quality and Lean techniques will become the absolute minimum for surviving enterprises. The global definition of quality in the industrialized world moves ...
The PMCoP serves as a repository for DoD Program Management-related knowledge and a place where PMCoP members can interact. Most of the content within this site is organized into four major PM competency areas (Acquisition Management, Business Management, Executive Leadership, and Technical Management) as described in the ...
This Community serves as a collaborative space to provide resources for systems engineering (SE) practitioners. These resources support program planning and design activities as well as implementation of SE processes.
The Aircraft Operations Community serves as a platform to connect over 1000 Government Flight Representatives (GFR) and Government Ground Representatives (GGR/GGFR) from the Defense Contract Management Agency, Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, other Federal Agencies, and our NATO partners. This Community offers you a chance to talk, share, and acquire knowledge about key topics regarding Contractor's flight and ground operations.
This community serves as a multifunctional knowledge repository for contract administration and pricing policies, processes, references, resources, and tools. It also serves as a one-stop site for DCMA and DoD contract administration and pricing workforce members, other defense acquisition workforce members, and their defense industry counterparts.
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