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Education and Training

Quality Assurance (QA) Training Center

See the below list for Quality Assurance related training opportunities.

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For a complete list of all DAU courses, visit the DAU iCatalog for more information:  

Course Description
Aviator's Breathing Oxygen & Gas Cylinders TrainingJCMQ 001

This resource is targeted to government QA personnel conducting surveillance on contracts that include gaseous oxygen and gas cylinders.  

Item is currently unrated.
Corrective Action Request (CAR) ProcessJCMQ 002

​This resource is targeted to DCMA FSs responsible for issuing, managing and closing Corrective Action Requests (CARs). 

Item is currently unrated.
Supplier Risks System (SRS) IntroductionJCMQ 003

This resource is targeted to DCMA FSs using the Supplier Risk System (SRS) in surveillance planning.

Item is currently unrated.
Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) IntroductionJCMQ 004

​This resource is targeted toward government FS performing surveillance on contracts containing the -11 higher-level quality requirements and the contractor is certified to one of the AS9100 series quality standards.  

Item is currently unrated.
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