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This page is all things GCQA. GCQA is a risk-based, systemic verification of objective quality evidence, using a combination of process reviews, system audits, and product examinations, to establish confidence in the contractor's inspection and quality management systems.  FAR Part 46, DFARS Part 246, and agency policies prescribe policies and procedures to ensure that supplies acquired under Government contract conform to the contract's quality and quantity requirements.

System/Process Integration Pyramid

Summary Description
1711 V2 including Random Number generator
AQAP 2070 DFB Form.pdf
AQAP 2070 Delegation Feedback Form
AQAP 2070 Ed 2.pdf
AQAP 2070 NATO Mutual Government QA Process
AQAP 2070 GQACR Form.pdf
AQAP 2070 Government Quality Assurance Closure Report
AQAP 2070 RGQA Form.pdf
AQAP 2070 Request for Government Quality Assurance Form
AQAP 2070 RGQAR Form.pdf
AQAP 2070 Response to Government Quality Assurance Request Form
AQAP 2070 RIAC Form.pdf
AQAP 2070 Risk Identification, Assessment and Communication Form
Audit Checklist - Calibration Systems.pdf
Checklist for ANSI/NCSLI Z540.3-2006
Data Analysis Form.xlsm
Blank form for recording DC&A.
Data Analysis Job Aid Pareto Chart.pdf
Job Aid for creating Pareto Charts
Data Analysis Job Aid Pivot Chart.pdf
Job Aid for creating Pivot Charts
DCMA Audit Observation Report Form - Blank.xlsx
Blank Audit Observation
DCMA Audit Observation Report Form - Example.xlsx
Example on how to fill out form
DD Form 1692 ECP Instructions.pdf
Instructions for DD Form 1692 completion.
DD Form 1692 ECP.pdf
DD Form 1692 ECP submittals.
DD Form 1694 Instructions.pdf
Instructions for filling out DD Form 1694
DD Form 1694.pdf
Request for Variance
DoD Guide to Uniquely Identify Items v3.0.pdf
Version 3.0 of the DoD Guide to UII.
DoD Suppliers Passive RFID Info Guide V15.pdf
DoD Passive RFID Guide Version 15
EBST V 2.0.xlsx
Event Based Surveillance Table - NCM
Identifies the GD&T features and controls and provides clarity on how they are measured.
GDT Quick Reference.pdf
Quick Reference for common GD&T symbols.
Job Support Tool for Commercial Contracts
Job Support Tool for Foreign Object Debris
Job Support Tool Customer Complaints
JST for use in surveillance of Distributors.
Job Support Tool Overhaul, Maintenance, Modification and Repair.
Job Support Tool for Preaward Surveys
PPP&M process and reference materials.
QA PAOC Record.pdf
PAOC Record - Blank

 Government Contract Quality Assurance Videos

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