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Welcome to the Nonconforming Material resource page.​ Nonconforming Material (NCM) is a generic term that includes any (raw) material, item, part, component, supply, product, or output of a process containing one or more nonconformances. There are several FAR requirements that cover NCM. If you are new to NCM, a few good places to start reviewing requirements are FAR Part 7.503, FAR Part 42.201, FAR Part 42.302(a)(47), FAR Part 46 (102, 104, 105, 407), and FAR Part 52. Additionally, DFARS Part 246.407 provides guidance on nonconforming supplies or services. Information on the commonalities and differences between a Request for Variation (RFV) and and Egineering Change Proposal (ECP) can be found here RFV vs. ECP.


RFV Classification

Summary Description
DD Form 1692 ECP Instructions.pdf
Instructions for DD Form 1692 completion.
DD Form 1692 ECP.pdf
DD Form 1692 ECP submittals.
DD Form 1694 Instructions.pdf
Instructions for filling out DD Form 1694
DD Form 1694.pdf
Request for Variance
EBST V 2.0.xlsx
Event Based Surveillance Table - NCM
Job Support Tool for Foreign Object Debris
Job Support Tool Customer Complaints
Job Support Tool Overhaul, Maintenance, Modification and Repair.
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