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Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor

Welcome to the Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor resource page. This page is designed to assist you in conducting QMS audits. 

QMS audits are a part of the larger role  your organization performs in regards to Quality Assurance. You will use auditing as part of GCQA surveillance following your organization's Instructions and applying the standard to which the contractor is held, together to have a level of confidence that the contractor's QMS is effective in controlling processes and that the outputs of those processes are meeting contractual requirements.

Auditing is one of your most important ools in your surveillance toolkit. Some of the benefits are:

  • Establishes a basis for confidence in the contractor’s QMS and its ability to provide conforming product in accordance with contract requirements
  • Determines conformity of a contractor’s QMS to contractual requirements
  • Helps to assure customer satisfaction and identify processes improvements that will produce safe and reliable products and services that meet or exceed customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Helps to identify needs for improvements in a contractor's QMS, which can result in improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream
  • By identifying and correcting weaknesses in the contractor's QMS, you help prevent nonconforming products from being produced and delivered to the warfighter.

Summary Description
Audit Checklist - Calibration Systems.pdf
Checklist for ANSI/NCSLI Z540.3-2006
DCMA Audit Observation Report Form - Blank.xlsx
Blank Audit Observation
DCMA Audit Observation Report Form - Example.xlsx
Example on how to fill out form
Government ISO 9001-2000 Checklist 6Oct2021.docx
Example ISO 9001-2000 Checklist
Government ISO 9001-2008 Checklist 7Oct2021.docx
Example ISO 9001-2008 Checklist
Government ISO 9001-2015 Checklist 6Oct2021.docx
Example Template for ISO 9001-2015 Checklist
Job Support Tool for Foreign Object Debris
Job Support Tool Customer Complaints
JST for use in surveillance of Distributors.
Job Support Tool for Preaward Surveys
MIL-I-45208 Checklist.pdf
Example MIL-I-45208 Checklist
MIL-Q-9858 Checklist.pdf
Example MIL-Q-9858 Checklist

 Quality Management System Auditor Videos

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