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ACE for Services CommunityACE for Services related communities of practice. 

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This Community supports DoD’s cost estimating career field. As advisors to commanders, Program Executive Officers (PEOs), program managers, and other acquisition decision makers, individuals in this career field are responsible for Life Cycle Cost Estimating of defense acquisition programs in direct support of the defense acquisition process....
The Department of Defense's implementation of Category Management (CM) consists of a structured, data-driven business practice whereby the organization broadly and strategically analyzes and manages common categories of spend with an enterprise-wide focus in order to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies, and enhance mission effectiveness.
This Community serves as a source for contracting information and resources. Additionally, the community serves as a collaborative resource to aid the contracting workforce in performing their job.
This Community supports you and other COR community members by providing a central clearinghouse of knowledge and learning assets as well as facilitates the sharing of best practices and lessons learned within the COR discussion area...
This community is focused on collaborating with the IT/software Acquisition workforce to ensure we engineer, design, develop and sustain world-class IT/software acquisition practices. This community touches on all aspects of IT/software acquisition for the improvement of better, faster, cheaper software solutions for all DoD personnel.
The Intellectual Property and Data Rights (IDPR) Community serves as a centralized location for laws, regulations, judicial opinions, DoD policies, news, announcements, and DAU courses on intellectual property (IP) and data rights topics, including the intersection of IP and emerging and other technology and licensing approaches, such as open source software, Modular Open Systems Approaches, Cloud Computing, and Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).
This Community serves as an interdisciplinary platform to connect PBL practitioners from across multiple career fields, facilitate knowledge sharing and peer support, as well as provide a knowledge repository for key PBL-related material across the Department of Defense.
This Community serves as the central repository for Program Management knowledge for the Acquisition, & Sustainment (A&S) Workforce.
This Community serves as the central repository for small business policy and guidance information, small business programs, training materials, tools and related learning assets.
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