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The following Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) support the Acquisition of Services:

Access the FAR and Defense FAR Supplement (Acquisition Central)

FAR 7.5: Inherently Governmental Functions

FAR 8.4: Federal Supply Schedules

FAR 8.603: Purchase Priorities

FAR 8.7: Acquisition from Non-Profit Agencies Employing People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

FAR 12: Acquisition of Commercial Items

FAR 16.1: Types of Contracts

FAR 16.5: Indefinite-Delivery Contracts

FAR 16.504: Indefinite Quantity Contracts, Section c.2.

FAR 16.505: IDIQ Ordering

FAR 19.804-6: Multiple Award and Federal Supply Schedule Contracts

FAR 25.4: Trade Agreements

FAR 35: Research and Development Contracting

FAR 36.6: Architect-Engineer Services

FAR 37.2: Advisory and Assistance Services

FAR 37.4: Nonpersonal Health Care Services

FAR 37.5: Management Oversight of Service Contracts

FAR 37.6: Performance-Based Contracting

FAR 38: Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contracting

FAR 39.104: Information Technology Services

FAR 45.1: Government Property

DFARS 208.4: Federal Supply Schedules

DFARS 212: Acquisition of Commercial Items - General

DFARS PGI 212: Acquisition of Commercial Items

DFARS 216.5: Indefinite-Delivery Contracts

DFARS 219.10: Small Business Subcontracting Program

DFARS 219.5: Set Asides for Small Business

DFARS 236.6: Architect-Engineer Services

DFARS 237: Service Contracting

DFARS PGI 237.1: Services Contracts

DFARS 239.101: Acquisition of Information Technology

Class Deviations

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