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US Army Service Acquisition Policy

Documents found on this page include:​                                                                            [Return to Policy Home Page]

  • AR 70-13 Management and Oversight of Service Acquisitions 30 July 2010; this is the current Army Regulation.  Efforts are underway to update AR 70-13.

  • Army Directive 2017-15 Managing and Overseeing the Acquisition of Services

  • Army SAW policy memorandum of 20130208 was cancelled by the Army Senior Service Manager on January 17, 2019, raising the threshold mandating a SAW to the OSD Mandated Threshold of $500M or more total acquisition value, or $250M or more for any one year.

  • Army Category Management and Services Acquisition  ; requires a CAC/PIV with AMID account

  • Procurement.Army.Mil (PAM) Knowledge Management Portal ; requires a CAC/PIV with AMID account

AAE Memo COVID 19 to Industry.pdf
3/27/2020 9:14 AMADAM STROUP
AR 70-13 Management and Oversight of Service Acquistions.aspx
11/20/2019 10:14 AMADAM STROUP
Army Directive 2017-15.aspx
11/20/2019 10:19 AMADAM STROUP
Army SAW Memo 20190117.pdf
1/23/2019 9:16 PMADAM STROUP
Army TEMPLATE PAPR_508.pptx
3/13/2018 8:49 AMADAM STROUP
1/23/2019 9:16 PMADAM STROUP
Postaward Peer Review Army DASA P 20160823.pdf
8/1/2017 10:29 AMADAM STROUP
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