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construction services page

Construction Services provides information about the procurement of construction equipment, services, and supplies.

electronics and communications services page

Electronics and Communications Services covers a broad range of tasks that require specific skills or detailed processes for the setup, delivery, and management of technology-centric systems.

equipment related services page

Equipment Related Services pertains to actions performed to keep some machine or system functioning or in service.

facility related services page

This information relates to services associated with the design, maintenance, and repair of facilities. There are many effective approaches to the acquisition of facility related services.

knowledge based services

Knowledge Based Services, commonly referred to as Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS), relates to tasks that require the application of detailed processes or technical knowledge.​

logistics management services page

This information relates to services associated with the support of supplies, systems, or equipment.

medical services page

Medical Services contains information about the procurement of medical equipment and supplies. This may also include contracted services for all types of professional medical personnel such as doctors and nurses. The medical community also contracts for other services such as administrative and medical transcribing services.

research and development services page

R&D Services contains information associated with Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) and includes support to any R&D lab. Many of our RDT&E functions are contracted out.

transportation services page

This information relates to services associated with the transportation of equipment and personnel. This may include transporting personnel either within the installation or to other locations off of the installation. Service contract carriers may be by many different modes of transportation to include truck, bus, rail, ship, or air.