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Training Center

     DAU Training to Improve Services Acquisition

Training Center

Back to Basics (BtB) Human Capital Initiatives (HCI) website

DoD Handbook for the Training and Development of the Services Acquisition Workforce, July 14, 2017.  Provides DoD** recommended training for the Services Acquisition Functional Area.
      **For civilian agencies please visit the Federal Acquisition Institute for more information on training.


DAU Strategic Partnerships. Defense Acquisition University works with over fifty external colleges and universities in granting credit to workforce members who have completed DAU courses.  Partnerships provide opportunities to maximize academic accomplishments by receiving credit for DAU courses toward an undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program.

DAU Equivalency Program The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides the opportunity for other organizations (colleges and universities, DoD schools, other federal agencies, commercial vendors, and professional societies) to offer courses, programs or certifications which DAU will accept as equivalent to one or more DAU courses if, upon evaluation of the organization's materials and standards, they adequately address the DAU course learning outcomes for a select DAU course(s).

DAU Credentials Program FAQs. DAU is initially piloting four credentials focused on performance in the areas of Agile Methods, Digital Engineering, and Acquisition of Services.  Two Acquisition of Services credentials are available; one for Services Acquisition Team Member: Non-Acquisition Professional (CACQ 001) and a second for Services Acquisition Team Member:  Acquisition Professional (CACQ 002).




ACQ1650 Defense Acquisition of Services -  (formerly ACQ165; 6 hrs online)

ACQ256 Services Acquisition Management Tools - (13 hours online)

ACQ265 Mission Focused Services Acquisition  - 3.5 days instructor led training

ACQ265V Mission Focused Services Acquisition - 5 days virtual instructor led training

ACQ305 Services Acquisition Management Office - 3.5 days instructor led training

CON280 Source Selection and Administration of Services Contracts - 9.5 days instructor led training

Continuous Learning

  • CLB008 Program Execution (3 hours online)
  • CLC004 Market Research (3 hours online)

  • CLC011 Contracting for the Rest of Us (2 hours online)

  • CLC013 Services Acquisition (3 hours online)

  • CLC064 Wage Determinations for Service and Construction Contracts (2.5 hours online)

  • CLC106 Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) with a Mission Focus (8 hours online)

  • CLC108 Strategic Sourcing Overview (4.5 hours online)

  • CLC135 Understanding Incentive and Other Contract Types (4 hours online)

  • CLC206 Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) in a Contingency Environment (3 hours online)

  • CLC222 Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Online Training (32 hours online)

  • CLE028 Market Research for Engineering and Technical Personnel (4 hours online)

  • CLE 083 Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) (2 hours online)

  • CLM003 Overview of Acquisition Ethics (2 hours online)

  • CLM006 IGCE for Services Acquisition (3 hours online)

  • PMT0160 Cost Estimating (formerly CLM016;    8 hrs online)

  • PMT0170 Risk Management (formerly CLM017;  8 hrs online)

  • CON121 Contract Planning (12 hours online)

  • CON124 Contract Execution (13 hours online)

  • CON127 Contract Management (10 hours online)

 Service Acquisition Mall (SAM)


Performance Learning

Work Statement Workshop (SOW, SOO, PWS) WSM009. Provides an overview of the function of the Work Statement in the acquisition process and a procedure for planning, developing, and writing Work Statements.

Services Acquisition Workshop (SAW) WSM012.  This is typically a four day cross-functional area workshop conducted at your location using your acquisition documentation.  A SAW is a facilitated, hands on workshop designed to help your acquisition team work through the seven step service acquisition process.  For more information, see DAU's SAW Talking Paper

Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW) WSM014.  The ASDW walks the team through the key content areas of the acquisition strategy. 

Cloud Services Workshop WSA004.  

ACC Topic
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