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Additive Manufacturing AM Business Model Strategic Simulation Wargame

Working with America Makes and other government and industry members of the Additive Manufacturing community, Department of Defense (DoD) organizations will be participating in an America Makes-sponsored Additive Manufacturing Business Model Wargame for Maintenance and Sustainment scheduled for May 9-10, 2016.   Additive Manufacturing (AM) has great potential to revolutionize DoD's supply chain; greatly reducing supply wait times and enabling "just in time manufacturing" coincident with maintenance operations. The intent of the war game is to illuminate the required business transactions when the DoD requires critical and non-critical parts be additively manufactured at a DoD depot location or at a 3rdparty location in support of an immediate readiness goal. The wargame will also include assessing commercial gaps and challenges that may be discovered during this simulation in order to begin developing the necessary environment to support the continued adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM) capabilities.With this as a goal, America Makes is sponsoring this strategic simulation (i.e., wargame) to identify issues facing Government and Industry, potential courses of action, and solutions. The simulation will bring together senior executives from both the DoD and Industry to gain a better understanding of respective goals with the objective of expanding the “intersection of interests” in order to deliver improved weapon system readiness and enhanced sustainment for the warfighter.  To date, much of the effort directed toward expanding DoD's use of AM centers on the resolution of technical challenges to enable the utilization of AM; but much remains to be been done to better understand and enable the business environment necessary in order for DoD and industry to engage in an AM enabled world.  America Makes is the sponsor of this event.  The Maintenance and Sustainment Advisory Group along with the maintenance communities Additive Manufacturing for Maintenance Operations (AMMO Working Groups are teaming to plan and execute the wargame.  Dates, times, and location for this event are as follows:  Dates: May 9-10, 2016 Times:  May 9: 1200-1730 and May 10: 0900-1300 Location: Lockheed Martin Corporation - Center for Innovation 8000 Harbor View Blvd, Suffolk Virginia 23435  Because this is a working session, space is limited and registration must be done at:  http://www.ncms.org/index.php/2016/03/ctma-additive-manufacturing-wargames-9-10-may-2016/  Multifunctional participation from DoD and industry is necessary in order to meet wargame objectives.  Participants with expertise in procurement, contracts, intellectual property, design engineering, product support, support engineering, industrial operations, AM technology, supply chain management, and policy are needed participants. . Reference Link: Additive Manufacturing AM Business Model Strategic Simulation Wargame Registration (http://www.ncms.org/index.php/2016/03/ctma-additive-manufacturing-wargames-9-10-may-2016/ )

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Additive Manufacturing AM Business Model Strategic Simulation Wargame
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