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Picture Placeholder: ROBERT CHENARD
01/21/2022 11:55 AM

Is there any written clarification on the following standard?

A large majority of DOD Explosive, Ranges, and FARPs are not within the installation footprint. Complying with  DESR V2.E4.4.1.1. forces operation/ training to cease when the installation could be 20, 50 or 100 miles away. 

Is there a letter of interpretation for "within 10 miles [16 kilometers] of the installation"?


-V2.E4.4.1.1. Explosives facilities are served by an approved local lightning warning system (as determined by each DoD Component) permitting AE operations to be terminated before a thunderstorm is within 10 miles [16 kilometers] of the installation.

1/21/2022 11:55 AMNoAsk the Community
7/6/2017 8:28 PM
Picture Placeholder: dau21336000536
  • dau21336000536
21/3/2022 9:35 AM

​During my time in shipping munitions from Deployed base to another.  There is really no guidance on how to load up and tie down munitions to go air cargo.  Yes there are some on height limits for which nets to use, weight for the pallet.  I am just curious if I have missed something on where there might be some standard drawings on this.  I work at a CRTC base and would like to start teaching a class in this for the future ACE concept.  For example there is no guidance on AIM-9 and creating a 463L pallet.  I created one, but I believe there should be some standards out there or should be. Thank You for the help.

LAURA FIEFFER1/13/2022 8:49 AMNoAsk the Community
1/3/2022 9:27 AM
Picture Placeholder: SANTIAGO ORTIZ
11/12/2022 10:04 AM

​Trying to find out how I may dispose of Foreign Military Sales energetics for those countries that do not have the capability to do so in country. Any information is truly appreciated. Thank you.

Tom Coradeschi1/12/2022 10:10 AMNoAsk the Community
1/11/2022 10:43 AM
Picture Placeholder: JACQUELINE GARCIA
53/28/2018 5:03 PM

The Army and Air Force Exchange is selling small arms ammunition in their retail department. Is DA Pam 385-64, paragraph 2-11 or other explosive safety standards applicable to the Exchange’s sale of ammunition? Should an explosive license be issued?

Contributed by Mr. Thomas

JACQUELINE GARCIA12/7/2021 10:51 AMNoShare an Idea
Picture Placeholder: MICHAEL LIMA
011/6/2021 12:15 PM

​This exception to policy (approved by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics G-4, LTG Duane A. Gamble on 22 Sep 2021) permits appointment of DoD enlisted personnel in the grade of E-7 or higher as Accountable Property Officers.

By exception, this memorandum authorizes the first General Officer (GO), Senior Executive Service (SES) Civilian, or Senior Commander (SC, defined per AR 600-20 paragraph 2-5b.)

11/6/2021 12:15 PMNoAsk the Community
7/5/2017 1:42 AM
Picture Placeholder: PEDRO GONZALEZRIVAS
110/18/2021 2:40 PM

​Working on research to pass along to our aerial delivery section with the Airborne Service Detachment (ASD) about the feasibility to add the items listed below to our airborne FARP. 

  * Rocket, 2.75", Hydra, packed in PA150 Container

  * Rocket, 2.75", Hydra, packed in M643 Plastic Container

  * AGM114 Hellfire on CNU-448/E

Any papers, publications, TM's and/or any other information I can pass along for their research, I would really appreciate your help.

JACQUELINE GARCIA10/20/2021 3:09 PMNoAsk the Community
10/18/2021 2:36 PM
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT CHENARD
19/9/2021 8:44 AM
​Where do I find Army NEC approval for loading Explosives Safety Siting (ESS) Toolkit and Site Planner software onto Army system?

Ref to:Ammo-103-DL, Explosives Safety Siting (ESS) and Army Site Submission Electronic Tool (ASSET)

Special Instructions: This course is provided as a web-based course only. Students must have the ESS software (version 6.0.0, Build 193), a CAC card, and an AKO account. Students must register through ATRRS for course credit. It is recommended that you have a high-speed Internet connection in order to view the course.

JACQUELINE GARCIA10/7/2021 1:49 PMNoAsk the Community
7/6/2017 8:28 PM
Picture Placeholder: EDDY SMITH
29/16/2021 11:51 AM

​I noticed DA Form 4508 doesn't allow the three letter code for the RIC to be entered whenever the letter "M" is used. For example, if I want to use the USMC RIC (MHQ), only two characters/letters are allowed to be typed on that block. Does anybody has a solution to this problem since the form cannot be edited nor the font size changed or adjusted.? Thanks!

TERRI GRIFFIS9/30/2021 2:05 PMNoAsk the Community
112/16/2019 9:12 AM
Picture Placeholder: JOHN LEE
29/27/2021 6:56 PM

​Noticed a revision in the subject SPI. What is the purpose thread tail strapping procedure revision in Sheet 6, Detail A, Reference 4, ? Thank you.

dau05224003269/30/2021 11:24 AMNoAsk the Community
7/5/2017 5:51 AM
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT CHENARD
19/14/2021 3:20 PM

What's the path for requesting a mobile training team to teach AMMO-62?​

JACQUELINE GARCIA9/16/2021 9:55 AMNoAsk the Community
7/6/2017 8:28 PM
Picture Placeholder: EDDY SMITH
18/26/2021 3:02 PM

​I understand that Operatioal Load (OPL) and Combat Load (CL) must go on the unit's property book but is there anything stating the PBUS DODAAC must be used to request the ammunition? Just curious. Thanks!

MICHAEL LIMA9/7/2021 1:28 PMNoAsk the Community
12/16/2019 9:12 AM
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT CHENARD
28/18/2021 3:11 PM

​I'm comparing DA Pam 385-64, Figure 1-1, against the DAC online training courses offered, Online Training (

I knew that AMMO-68 (MMR) was an annual certification (CERT) refresher.  But when did these others become CERT/Refresher rquired, and what is the timeline (i.e., annual) for completing the refresher?  It doesn't state in the course descriptions...

AMMO-28, -45, -54, -63, -78...


ROBERT CHENARD8/23/2021 4:45 PMNoAsk the Community
7/6/2017 8:28 PM
Picture Placeholder: JACQUELINE GARCIA
76/17/2021 10:01 AM

​Mr. Tibbetts:  In an effort to help stem the pest and invasive plant infestations we have seen over the last few years with particular reference to containers, we have reached out to our Transportation Engineering Agency (TEA) as well as industry to see what is available to place containers on stands to safely inspect and wash-down the undersides of containers, where most infestations seem to come from, because of the difficulty/inability of customers to inspect the undersides of containers.  I would be interested to see how everyone else satisfies this requirement.  Please advise.

 I am attaching two possible solutions, although there may be more to include local fabrication from the diagram in the second attachment.

JON ALLIE8/5/2021 9:12 AMNoAsk the Community
211/13/2020 2:04 PM1
Picture Placeholder: dau21077000096
  • dau21077000096
55/23/2021 11:19 PM

​We are currently looking at shipping 240 BLU-139/B (1325016758742) for a retrograde and have been unable to find the correct drawing. Does anyone know the best way to proceed from here?

LAURA FIEFFER6/9/2021 8:34 AMNoAsk the Community
5/23/2021 11:15 PM
Picture Placeholder: Tom Coradeschi
  • Tom Coradeschi
45/26/2021 10:36 AM

Folks: I have a question on who "owns" this document? I have an LNO from Australia who is asking about obtaining an update to the copy that they have. I don't see any distribution statements or any of the rest of it on the text and excel files we currently have available to us.


They have also asked the same question regarding the USMC ​Packaging Digest for Class V materiel.



Tom Coradeschi5/27/2021 10:27 AMNoAsk the Community
9/11/2017 1:20 PM
Picture Placeholder: EDDY SMITH
25/11/2021 11:21 AM

​Asking a two-part question. First question, do drivers' certifications  such as Ammo 45, 67 and 108 is required when transporting/picking up inert ammunition or CS capsules (K765) from the ASP?

Second question. Are vehicles required placards when transporting CS capsules (small amount)? Thank you!

EDDY SMITH5/11/2021 3:43 PMNoAsk the Community
212/16/2019 9:12 AM
Picture Placeholder: dau0534700384
  • dau0534700384
13/18/2021 9:00 AM

​Need a poc at usatces to discuss an installations submission and lack of response.

JACQUELINE GARCIA3/18/2021 9:32 AMNoAsk the Community
3/18/2021 8:57 AM
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT LINN
22/17/2021 6:09 PM

I believe there used to be-or-is  a requirement for a (Separator Board) either metal or plywood that would separate the cargo compartment of the vehicle  from the operator/passenger compartment when transporting ammo. 

Does anyone have a reference?

LANCE MATTHEWS2/22/2021 11:15 AMNoAsk the Community
4/27/2019 12:49 PM
Picture Placeholder: LANCE MATTHEWS
01/5/2021 2:46 PM

​Defense Explosives Safety Regulation 6055.09

Edition 1 ~ January 13, 2019

Website: DoD Explosives Safety Home - DENIX (

1/5/2021 2:46 PMNoGeneral
111/10/2008 12:55 PM1
Picture Placeholder: LANCE MATTHEWS
01/5/2021 2:44 PM

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI 4360.01B)

Explosives Safety and Munitions Risk Management for Joint Operations Planning, Training, and Execution

Website: Official Website of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (

1/5/2021 2:44 PMNoGeneral
11/10/2008 12:55 PM
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