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New DOD policy prohibits GPS-enabled devices in deployed settings - Article by By Jim Garamone, DoD News, dated August 7, 2018. Deployed service members are going to have to ditch their "geolocation devices" in response to a new memo from Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan.

Automated Inventory Constraints, Automatic identification technology improves speed and accuracy of logging ammunition supplies, but Soldiers in forward theaters can't use it. Read the article by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Michael K. Lima in Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (AL&T) Magazine, page 94, dated Summer 2019.

Avoid CCMCK Dangers, - Here’s an easy training outline you can follow any time your unit has a free minute. A problem & solution format is provided, with visuals.

Hearing Protection, When Noise is the Enemy, PS 776 July 2017Soldiers and DA civilians must wear the right hearing protection when working with or around equipment, vehicles, aircraft or weapons that produce hazardous noise levels. For specific noise limits and hearing protector requirements, see Section 7-13 in DA Pam 40-501, Army Hearing Program, (Jan 15)

Small Arms, Document Ammo MalfunctionsArmy Regulation 75-1Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives, prescribes guidance on how to report ammo malfunctions.  Soldiers just need to follow the procedures laid out in Chapter 2 of the AR.

Boxes for Ammo Amnesty, PS 793 - Ammo Amnesty boxes cut the red tape for turning in rounds you forgot to turn in while in the field.

Ammo, Use New Dummy Rounds OnlyTo prevent mix-ups in the field, three years ago, the Army fielded new small arms dummy rounds that are easily identified as dummy rounds. Units need to remember: these new rounds are the only dummy rounds authorized for training, weapon cycling, and any other situation requiring inert rounds.

Ammunition, Caring for the New 9mm Round Prevents AccidentsThere are two new rounds: the M1152 ball and M1153 special purpose.  The ball bullet has a flat tip and the special purpose has an open hollow point.

M7 Spider Batteries, PS 803-39 - If you don’t follow basic safety rules for your M7 Spider area denial system’s lithium batteries, equipment damage or even injuries could result!

Hellfire, PS 802 - Protect ‘em. HELLFIRE missiles need all the protection you can give them. Keep them in their storage containers as much as possible.

Small Arms Ammunition Must be Clean and Dry - There are warnings in every weapon technical manual (TM) telling you to keep your ammo clean and dry. Don’t be fooled by the incorrect field-expedient guidance that says a little lube in your chamber and on your ammo helps the weapon perform better! from PS Magazine

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