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Munitions and Explosives Safety Homepage

   AMC 19-48-Series Drawings for Ammunition Storage and Outloading are Here!    

The purpose of this community of practice is to share knowledge throughout the safety and munitions enterprise. 

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Explosives Safety
Repository for regulations and info concerned with ammunition and explosives safety issues
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Understanding how to handle ammo and explosives are essential for providing a safe working environment
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Munitions Info
Munitions Info such as AINs, documents, and manuals arranged by ammo groups
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A&E Resources/Tools
References/tools, such as the Yellow Book, CAPULDI, AINs, and Joint Services Ammunition Catalog
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Information related to ammunition management and visibility systems
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References related to Non-Standard Ammunition and Foreign Munitions
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Repository for CoP newsletter, posters, apps, videos, etc.
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Picture Placeholder: ROSARIO SANCHEZ
311/15/2022 1:59 AM

​All, I am looking for a PowerPoint/PDF presentation for how to order the fins restrainer band and EMR shields for the 2.75 In rockets. I also would like to know if there is a NSN for the fins restrain that looks like soda can without any ends. Thank you. My email.

ROSARIO SANCHEZ11/18/2022 1:21 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT CHENARD
011/4/2022 3:16 PM

​Anyone have an explainer on storage and handling of ceremonial rounds? 

(wasn't there a "munitions newsletter" about that not long ago?)

I'm wondering if there is something already developed that the rotating honor guard teams could use as a safety review for when it is finally their turn to fire the canon...

11/4/2022 3:16 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: REZA MOGHADAM
210/27/2022 3:54 PM

​I need to have refrence or check if ammunition bunkers need to have explosion proof lights and conduits. I also need to find a refrence regarding light level in ammunition bunkers. 

ROBERT CHENARD11/1/2022 10:32 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: JEFFREY HANNAN
110/28/2022 12:20 PM

​Does anyone know when the next revision for this instruction is being published?  Drawing 13065801 (Combination of Adopted Items) calls out this as the Unitization Procedure, however, the Revision 5 does not show the DODIC "DA67"

Thanks in advance! 

LAURA FIEFFER10/31/2022 7:54 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: MICHAEL LIMA
09/22/2022 1:07 PM

Is a Web based application by the Army Software Factory, the blast radius is a Tactical Explosives Safety Risk Management tool designed to assist Army Ammunition Specialists with storing munitions.

The website:

Send an email if you want more information and POCs.
On global: CW3 Lima, Michael 

9/22/2022 1:07 PMNo

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