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   AMC 19-48-Series Drawings for Ammunition Storage and Outloading are Here!  

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Picture Placeholder: JOSHUA WUSTNER
19/19/2019 11:31 AM


Prior to 1967 the “front” sector of an Earth-Covered Magazines (ECM) was measured from the center of the headwall. Magazines were constructed based on this assumption.


Now, the front exposure arc originates inside the magazine, intersecting at the Headwall & sidewall (the arc is widened).  Now the canted magazines have a Side to Front exposure by a thin margin.

Corner clips.png

This increases the inter-magazine (IMD) distance required, increases the required K factor, thus requiring drastically reduced storage limits in some cases.




  1. Reduce the limits based on the Front to Side exposure.
  2. Modify criteria (DESR, OP 5, etc.) to allow for a small Front to Side clip to be considered a Side to Side exposure.  How small is small?  Less than 5% of the sidewall sees the front exposure arc?  Modify ESS programming?
  3. Deviations on a case by case basis, using submittal notes in ESS.


What are your thoughts?

JULIE PORTER10/15/2019 9:54 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: TRAY BLAKLEY
19/23/2019 6:39 PM

​Is there a regualtion that states the Approver on DA Form 1687 can not receive ammunition from the ASP?

CRYSTAL ORTIZ10/2/2019 2:22 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ROBERT LINN
39/24/2019 10:53 AM

​All ammo operations require an SOP,  the NEW must be listed in the SOP. Is it stated anywhere that the Bay NEW limits must match the NEW on the SOP?

ELLEN MERWITZ9/25/2019 10:16 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: TRAY BLAKLEY
29/18/2019 4:00 PM

Is there a regulation that states aircrafts cannot fly over ammunition?

TRAY BLAKLEY9/23/2019 6:34 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: BRENT DUBOIS
09/18/2019 12:37 PM
The newest version of the Ammunition Reference Guide is now available!

It is now in an online version and easy to keep updated by you the Ammunition Community.
It is a powerful tool and a living knowledge bank where experts are encouraged to contribute their experience and update information as it happens. It allows users to integrate and interlink knowledge into topical-based articles and collaborate on issues up to and including UNCLASSIFIED/FOUO documentation.

Much thanks to QASAS Group 111 who completed the review and conversion of the guide and made this a reality!
Suggestions for edits can be made using the discussion forum on the milBook site - . Old versions of the Reference Guide are also available for historical purpose at that location.
9/18/2019 12:37 PMNo

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