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   AMC 19-48-Series Drawings for Ammunition Storage and Outloading are Here!    

The purpose of this community of practice is to share knowledge throughout the safety and munitions enterprise. 

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Repository for regulations and info concerned with ammunition and explosives safety issues
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Understanding how to handle ammo and explosives are essential for providing a safe working environment
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Picture Placeholder: dau0628400327
  • dau0628400327
34/25/2022 5:40 PM

​TP-15 and the Reduced QD magazine guide describe the arcs for reduced QD magazines (like the CETASM and Advanced EOD ARMAG).  However, when I am siting these ARMAGS within the QD Arcs of a ASP, as an Exposed Site, do I calculate them as an AGM (K4.5 to ECM, for example)?  Or can I site them closer, like the HPM at K1.5?

Picture Placeholder: MICHAEL LIMA
05/2/2022 4:17 PM

​ALARACT 025/2022 


5/2/2022 4:17 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: dau22062000506
  • dau22062000506
24/20/2022 3:21 PM

​My team and I are trying to find the AR/PAM/etc on a line by line filling of the DA Form 1687 for ASP/ASA. We have the new AIN about SIGNATURES. 

Can anyone provide and example External SOP from your operation? 

Thank you in advance.

dau08121001944/26/2022 7:37 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: dau22006000386
  • dau22006000386
14/12/2022 12:36 PM

​Is there a regulation that describes how to properly fill out a 3020-R? I have gone through AR 710-2, DA PAM 710-2-1, DA PAM 700-2-2, as well as DA PAM 700-16. All i have been able to find is them saying that there needs to be one on any ammunition being stored for over 24 hours.

MICHAEL LIMA4/13/2022 11:33 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: ELLEN GILG
23/27/2022 4:21 PM

​During my previous assignments QASAS collected ammunition from base amnesty boxes and turned in at the ASP. Now that I'm a supervisor working at a Military Ocean Terminal how does the amnesty collection / program work?  Who is authorized to collect from base amnesty containers? What training / certification is required to collect ammunition from amnesty container?  Who can transport amnesty from collection points to base arms room for storage until turn in at supporting ASP?  What training / certification is required to transport from amnesty container to local arms room? During previous assignments at ASPs QASAS collected amnesty and turned in at local ASP.  Is an appointment memo required from base commander appointing amnesty collection personnel? A fellow QASAS said a HAZMAT endorsement on license is required in order for QASAS to transport from base amnesty box to local arms room (3 miles crossing a public roadway). Nearest ASP is one and a half hour drive, amnesty would be stored in local arms room until military police have a need to go to ASP other than amnesty turn in.  Examples of amnesty appointment memo / sop would be greatly appreciated. Thank you fellow SME.

ELLEN GILG3/28/2022 4:08 PMNo

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