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Munitions and Explosives Safety Homepage

   AMC 19-48-Series Drawings for Ammunition Storage and Outloading are Here!    

The purpose of this community of practice is to share knowledge throughout the safety and munitions enterprise. 

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Explosives Safety
Repository for regulations and info concerned with ammunition and explosives safety issues
Explosives SafetyIn page navigation
Understanding how to handle ammo and explosives are essential for providing a safe working environment
OperationsIn page navigation
Munitions Info
Munitions Info such as AINs, documents, and manuals arranged by ammo groups
Munitions InfoIn page navigation
A&E Resources/Tools
References/tools, such as the Yellow Book, CAPULDI, AINs, and Joint Services Ammunition Catalog
Resources & ToolsIn page navigation
Ammunition Management Systems
Information related to ammunition management and visibility systems
Ammo Management SystemsIn page navigation
Non-Standard/ Foreign Munitions
References related to Non-Standard Ammunition and Foreign Munitions
Non-Std Foreign MunitionsIn page navigation
Ammunition Multimedia
Repository for CoP newsletter, posters, apps, videos, etc.
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Picture Placeholder: WILLIAM WALLACE
29/15/2020 12:34 PM

Hello all, i am getting ready to write an ESMP for an ASCC. I am lookig for a/any template?  thanks for any help.

send to:


WILLIAM WALLACE9/17/2020 1:20 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: DEWARD CUMMINGS
28/18/2020 11:16 AM

​How would one go about getting a copy of the DoD Acquisition Managers Handbook for Insensitive Munitions, August 2013 (NOTAL).

From my understanding, NOTAL is restricted distribution.

Tom Coradeschi9/2/2020 10:54 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: LANCE MATTHEWS
16/18/2020 9:04 AM

​ The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with a go-to manual to help deal with hazmat transportation accidents during the critical first 30 minutes and is available at      

 Info relating to the release of the 2020 ERG  can be found at

Picture Placeholder: JAMES THOMPSON
38/3/2020 12:53 PM

​Can someone tell me who the POC or the office is that I need to contact about updating the AMC DRAWINGS 19-48-series?

LAURA FIEFFER8/4/2020 7:42 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: KENDALL LEWIS
27/31/2020 9:39 AM

Does anyone know of anyone resources to lookup COEs? We have had no luck so far. ​

LAURA FIEFFER8/3/2020 8:06 AMNo

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