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Munitions and Explosives Safety Homepage

   AMC 19-48-Series Drawings for Ammunition Storage and Outloading are Here!    

The purpose of this community of practice is to share knowledge throughout the safety and munitions enterprise. 

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Explosives Safety
Repository for regulations and info concerned with ammunition and explosives safety issues
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Understanding how to handle ammo and explosives are essential for providing a safe working environment
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Munitions Info
Munitions Info such as AINs, documents, and manuals arranged by ammo groups
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A&E Resources/Tools
References/tools, such as the Yellow Book, CAPULDI, AINs, and Joint Services Ammunition Catalog
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Ammunition Management Systems
Information related to ammunition management and visibility systems
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Non-Standard/ Foreign Munitions
References related to Non-Standard Ammunition and Foreign Munitions
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Ammunition Multimedia
Repository for CoP newsletter, posters, apps, videos, etc.
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Picture Placeholder: MICHAEL LIMA
09/22/2022 1:07 PM

Is a Web based application by the Army Software Factory, the blast radius is a Tactical Explosives Safety Risk Management tool designed to assist Army Ammunition Specialists with storing munitions.

The website:

Send an email if you want more information and POCs.
On global: CW3 Lima, Michael 

9/22/2022 1:07 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: ELLEN GILG
26/13/2022 6:54 PM

​Where do I find info on Explosive HAZARD / Chemical Sign requirement for outdoor open storage; size, visual placement  location, size, durability, same symbol upon approach and leaving (instead of 2 different HAZARD signs) and should they be reflective? I wasn't sure if 49 CFR 172.519 applies?

BRENT DUBOIS9/20/2022 1:07 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: PAUL INMAN
29/18/2022 2:37 AM

I have tried to download the DD 2297 from both APD and the DOD site with no luck (wants me to update adobe). Can someone provide me with a clean form. Paul​

BRENT DUBOIS9/20/2022 12:41 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: dau22230002296
  • dau22230002296
39/7/2022 3:38 PM

​Does any agency or organization have a method (forumula or algorythm) for computing storage space requirements in magazines?  I've asked depot systems and USADACs and never got a clear answer. Mostly what I have received was "there is no standard, everyone does it differently" but no examples.  Mostly what my team here does is compute the SQFT for a variety of dodics, and then divide available space by the SQFT reguirements, then tweak it for various known pallet size and cube - cross-checking againstt compatibility and type, and compare with drawings of like items  - very slow methodical, tedious, drawn out. . 

Does anyone have a formula (ie. Short Ton to CF) etc for Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) purposes.

JOSHUA WUSTNER9/20/2022 11:05 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: MICHAEL LIMA
08/15/2022 10:06 AM

8/15/2022 10:06 AMNo

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