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120MM Mortar

120mm Mortar

AIN 041-22, Cartridge, 60MM FRPC, M769 (1310-BA15), Cartridge, 81MM FRPC, M879, M879A1 (1315-C875), And Cartridge, 120MM FRPC, M931 (1315-CA09) Recovery Operations by Mortar Crews Not Authorized

AIN 014-22 Possible Early Functions with M783 Pd Fuzed Mortar Cartridges-DODICS BA45 - CA43 - CA44 - BA14 - BA17 - CA63

AIN 011-22, Authorization to Fire Various 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm Mortar Cartridges Using Older Mortar Ballistic Computers

Cheese Charge video, see what happens when you do not follow the Warnings NEW

JMC SOUM 19-002, Explosive Exudation in Mortar Cartridges with Composition B HE Fill

120mm Mortar Inspection Criteria


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