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A and E Resources - Tools

Resources/Tools such as the Yellow Book and CAPULDI can be found here.

A&E Resources/Tools

    Ammo Reference Guide 2.jpgClick on photo for Ammunition Reference Guide


Ammunition Tool Kit.pdf
Reference3/26/2020 9:16 AM
Port Links Listing 2-20-2020.pdf
Report2/21/2020 9:51 AM
Reference1/23/2020 3:39 PM
CAPULDI excel.xlsx
Report1/15/2020 3:01 PM
Conventional Ammunition Inspection Interval and Priority List (30 Nov 2019).aspx
Report12/12/2019 3:34 PM
FY20 Automatic Returns List.aspx
Reference11/7/2019 9:30 AM
NAVSUP P801 TWO24-AA-ORD-010 Ammunitions Unserviceable, Suspended and Limited Use.aspx
Reference10/9/2019 10:43 AM
Yellow Book Revision 18 - other sources.docx
Reference10/9/2019 9:28 AM
CAPULDI Text.txt
Report10/1/2019 2:28 PM
Ammunition Reference Guide.aspx
Reference9/18/2019 1:19 PM
Substitutability and Interchangeability List 2019 (Army and Marine Corps).aspx
Reference7/30/2019 5:36 PM
AMC Class V Technical Assistance Information Resource Guide May 2019.aspx
Presentation6/10/2019 10:28 PM
Yellow Book Rev 18 February 2019.aspx
Reference4/4/2019 9:51 AM
List of Common Supplies Tools and Equipment for Ammunition and Explosives Operations, 2019.pdf
Reference4/3/2019 9:34 AM
How to Read a NSN.ppt
Learning Material4/2/2019 2:44 PM
Packaging Digest For Marine Corps Class V (W) Material  2016.aspx
Reference11/21/2018 10:34 AM
Chemical Hazard Symbol-DODIC Listing 6 May 13.xlsx
Reference11/19/2018 4:54 PM
CAPULDI 2009.pdf
Reference9/18/2018 4:34 PM
NSN's for Humidity Indicators and Desiccant.xls
Report6/18/2018 4:56 PM
DODIC Cross-reference List - New Items Replacing Old Items - as of 28 Mar 18.aspx
Report5/11/2018 4:26 PM
Reference4/16/2018 8:49 AM
Reference3/26/2018 8:36 PM
2016 Emergency Response Guidebook for Android and iTunes.docx
Reference2/12/2018 4:21 PM
BLAHA inventory Calculator.xlsx
Report10/16/2017 11:22 AM
Small Arms, What you need at the Firing Range PS 762 May 2016.pdf
Learning Material7/17/2017 2:18 PM
Ammo Price Calculator1 Mar12.xlsx
Report6/22/2017 1:09 AM
TB 9-1300-385 Munitions Suspended or Restricted.aspx
Reference6/22/2017 1:08 AM
JHCS,  Joint Hazard Classification System.docx
Reference6/22/2017 12:25 AM
Residue Calculator Spreadsheet.xls
Report6/15/2017 4:10 PM
Joint Services Ammunition Catalog Feb 2012.xlsx
Report6/15/2017 1:20 PM
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