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Army Surveillance References

Army Surveillance References

 Army Publishing Directorate 

  • DA PAM 742-1 Ammunition Surveillance Procedures
  • DA PAM 700-107 Preparation Of Standard Operating Procedures And Written Standards For Ammunition Operations
  • AR 702-6 Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program (ASRP)
  • AR 702-12 Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance), July 2021 New
  • AR 735-5 Property Accountability Policies
  • ATP 4-35.1 Ammunition and Explosives Handler Safety Techniques

FRAGO 3 TO EXORD 102-20_V25 Army Readiness Audit New

Ammunition Defect Codes Nov 2021, includes AIN 006-22

FY2023 DoD Munitions (Ammunition) Logistics, Surveillance & Explosives Safety Review Guide,

AIN 042-22 Lake City AAP Cage Code Changes For Small Arms Cartridges Through .50 CAL.

AIN 035-21 Direction For Management Of Propellant Items

Understanding Condition Codes Helps Ammunition Management, Feb. 16, 2021, PS Magazine


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